Sunday, May 27, 2012

Happy birthday, Elizabeth

Sweet Thing,

You are asleep in your big girl bed as I write to you now.

 Just wanted to write a little something to you.

 Your favorite color - pink

 Your favorite sister - Carolina. You say her name so well.

 Your favorite food - fruit snacks

 Your favorite shows - Fresh Beat Band and Yo Gabba Gabba

 You are really good at writing. You hold your pencil just the right way.

 Daddy loves the way you run. You are crazy over him.

 You have the most beautiful smile I believe I have ever seen.

You have the highest pitch voice which makes everything sounds just a little bit more sweet.

 I love it how you sooth yourself by playing with your hair.

 I love it that you need to just touch my hair just one more time before you go off to sleep.

 I love it that when you are trying to convince us of something, you declare it and then whip your head to the right and say "okay"!!!! We all do it now in case you weren't aware of how contagious you are.

 You are a calming force in this home of " how does that make you feel " counselors including your feel every emotion sister:).

 You don't let us take ourselves too serious.

 You bring joy beyond words to our lives.

 I wouldn't say you are a morning person......

 You are sweet to your baby dolls.

 Sister belly laughs at you. Sissy admires you, looks out for you and minds you when you boss her.

 And you look to her to make sure everything is really ok in this world. 

You are lovely beyond words.

 Daddy always said that you are just dessert. We will tell you the whole story behind that when you get older, but for now I will keep it short. We never even knew to dream of a you. We thought it was going to be just the three of us and Lukey but then God blew life into me and again our lives have never been the same.

 Tomorrow you turn two, BabyDoll.   I cannot really say I have a baby anymore although you will always be my baby. I lub you, baby! You can always share lipstick and hairbrushes with me. 

Just want to pray a blessing over you my sweet child.

Dear Lord,

Thank you for Elizabeth Mae. She is mighty. She is lovely and I am grateful that she dwells in our midst. I see your goodness in her. Please keep all things that do not or will not glorify you away from this woman child. Make her a woman of strength and dignity. Please help her fall in love with you. Show her your ways. Let her be crazy over your Word. Help her to find you soon Lord. Make her sensitive to your voice and Spirit.  I pray Lord that we will have a love for one another that you adore. That we will forgive each other quick and laugh from the pit of our bellies. And if and when she does cry, she calls out to you and then calls me on the phone. Help me to see her. Help me to celebrate her beauty. Let Carolina and she love each other until long after i am gone. Bless her husband and make him wild over you. Use them to show others your love. Let babies come to her in just the right time.  Bless her beyond my words, Lord. You made her. You have a beautiful plan for her. Help me to never get in the way of it. Celebrate with us tomorrow! You are totally invited to her party too! Of course come and make yourself known here and every crevice of our lives.

 I am crazy over you Lord,
Elizabeth's Momma

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