Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Some Of The Sweetest Things I Have Ever Received.

So it's been four whole weeks since Greg and I turned to the key in the lock of this home on Jackson.  I will write soon about Part 2 and maybe 3, but today I am focused on something else.

Today, I got the courage to hang some pictures.  I have been a little tentative because I like thinking we just moved in.  There is an excitement about being in a new home.  There are excuses for not having your home in tip top shape when it's only been a month.  However, there is a tremendous peace that comes with the feeling of being in your home that you hope to be in for the rest of your days.

While piddling yesterday and today, I am rummaging through the boxes that are labeled decorations, good stuff or keep!  I truly am loving getting to these boxes.  Going through the box of sheets wasn't the most fun I have, but since it's apart of moving I tried to enjoy it as much as I could. Sorry, boring  side note.  I am excited that I am finally to these boxes.  Beds are made, clothes are in drawers, silverware is accessible and now to find a home for all the "Specials".  So being knee deep in these specials, I realized that I have gotten alot of sweet gifts through the years.  People pay attention to how you decorate right?  And people have paid attention to my style and have joined me in it.  Here are just a few and while writing this I forgot a few, but don't worry, they are in my special box:)

So this is a sweet gift from an old friend, Frank Victory.  He was aware of my love for antiques and he sanded and scraped and sanded and scraped this down to this little beauty.  She is an original potato bin. He found her in a barn/lean to building.

Love this line "When I saw it, I thought of you!"  What a great compliment.  When I saw this ole piece of junk that needs alot of work, I thought of you.  Now that will preach if you ask me.  It really does describe me:)  But I take that as a compliment.  I have had Mrs. Potato Bin for 17 years now.  She has held pots, pans, target bags, gloves and others in need of historic housing.

In this same picture, those beautiful picture frames.  Now, I do collect antique picture frames, but only after Greg's grandmother gave me my first two beautiful ornate picture frames that now display the beauty of my darling girls.  I love to find them at a reasonable price, but certainly understand when a store owner keeps the price a little steep. (But hoping they cut me a deal)

 My favorite for sure!  Thanks Grandma for knowing me.

These are my grandma Delores' dishes. I knew her when I was a girl.  My brother shared them with me a few years ago.  Love them.  I am still scratching my head wondering why he didn't want to keep them for himself (chuckle, love you Gene).

This little ole table came from my cousin, Sarah Greenstein.  It was her grandmother who lives in Pennsylvania I believe.  Sarah thought that I might enjoy it and she came home with me. Since then this little lady has been my diaper holder, book shelf and darling cold drink holder.  I adore her.  She's the type who has a little flaws, but you adore her for them.  She is mine now.  We love each other and she will be here at Jackson Street from now on.  Thank you, Sarah.  Also, Sarah just had a little boy!  His name is Jonah Asher.  What a name huh!  Cannot wait to kiss him.  He is a little brother to Hannah.  We miss you guys and hope we can see you soon.

This is my newest "Oh, that looks like Kim!" My mother in law was in a thrift store in south city and found this little sweetheart.  She gave it to me for my birthday.  I am trying her in every room and looking for the perfect place for her.  She is rickety, but wise if you will.  I am certain she will enjoying holding a few pictures on top of her back so she can have a sense of purpose in this world.  This is what she was made to do.  Her mission in life.  I will get you something soon, sugs!

And these.....ignore the dirt:)  I love milk glass.  I would love milk glass even in the shape of  a rat which I hate rats, but I do love milk glass.  But this little couple made it to my home a few years back.  They were given to me by my Aunt Mary.  She paid attention to how I adorn my home and she bought me these little beauties and an antique tea picture for my Christmas present one year.  I love them and use them daily.  I remember hearing her say "Thought it looked like you!".

Music to my ears.  Gifts that make my heart skip a beat.  I absolutely adore these things.  They are on my favorite list!

A honorable mention:  My uncle Mark refurbishes old antique radios.  And low and behold guess what I got.  You guessed it!  An antique radio straight from one of my favorite people's collection.

And my BFF, Cindy's grandmother gave me a chair that she felt would be perfect for my home.  (Rest in peace sweet chair)

There are others that I have missed and so I kindof feel like Coach Taylor/Kyle Chandler when winning an Emmy on Sunday for best Actor(best show ever Friday Night Lights).  When I post, I will kick myself for forgetting you.  So just know I will remember you!

I gotta get back to work hanging some pictures or maybe take a nap, but thanks for reading. It's been fun!  So if you ever see a leg of a broken down table, chair or a smelly, odd broken down old thing, think of me.  I love those types of things.  Poetically, it is a reflection of my heart at given times in my life.  But thankfully I have been loved in ways that have restored my brokenness.

Oh wait - see what I mean......

Enjoy your day. It's pretty here today.

Love to you all,