Sunday, November 28, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone!
We and many of our friends have had an 18 or 19 year tradition.
The tradition is playing football first thing in the morning on the Thursday that celebrates the Pilgrims and their landing on Plymouth Rock.
This game has been played by the founders for many many years, but lucky for us they have extended it to others along the way.
There have been Pastors, Carpenters, Pilots, Lawyers, Accountants, Teachers, CIA Agents, Realtors, Mothers, Fathers, Husbands, Wives, Brothers and Friends, Penn State Alumni, Texans, Irish, Protestant, Catholic, Jewish and Atheist who have participated in this tradition.
Each year there have been play after play that have come from secret play lists and viewed by watching several game tapes from secret societies. The "W" or the "Tree" is called out from the huddle on any given game day.
The game goes by for two or so hours, but the soreness goes on for days. But who cares when the rush of the game, the smell of the crisp morning air and the fans from the side lines cheer you on.
The Game Day.

Here is the game 2010. On a new field with some new faces.

The fans.

The game is now over, but there is whispers of another one in the month of December. Stay tuned for those of you who couldn't make this game. You were missed.

I love the game of football on Thanksgiving day. Now that I am a momma I do miss catching the ball thrown by my QB1 hubs or snatching the flag off the tail of a competitive female which will go unnamed (she knows who she is).
I will be back dont' you worry.

P.S. Greg Vest is still sore today and it is Sunday.

After the game

We had a wonderful day with our families. Elizabeth enjoyed her first lemon. She really did kindof enjoy it and we enjoyed the look on her sweet little face.

And Carolina enjoyed a sweet time with her cousins.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all. Hope you all had the best day~
We are thankful for you.

The Vest's

Framily in the Fall

Time with our Framily.
Framily = Friends and Family or Friends that feel like family which ever one fits.

Howday Partner, It has been a wonderful fall.

Where to begin:

Would it be the bonfire with the Sitarski's?

Or the bonfire with our small group?

Trick or Treating on Main Street?

Square dancing at church?

Or the Pumpkin Patch with The Vest's?

I mean it when I say we have had the best fall.

This is me and my sweet friend Belle at the church square dance. The Virginia Reel was a dream of mine. Since I am a long time fan of Gone With The Wind, I have always, always wanted to reel down the floor under the arches of my dearest of friends. And then there was the dosey doeing that took place with my man. Can't decide which one I loved better.

We celebrated our September, October, November birthdays with the Rodger's. This is Barb and Carolina watching the guys put up the "Goliath" size basketball goal at G. Rodger's estate. They are good friends as you can tell.

And so starts the season of desserts for Greg without his lethal enemy. God bless those who have compassion on my man and think about him before preparing a meal. You are not thanked enough! So thank you!

Love how her fat roll goes right across the "BEATLES". Perfect fit if I might say so myself.

Our family at the best pumpkin patch. I waited my whole adult life to bring my little ones here. They loved it. Carolina even got in on a pony ride. She absolutely knew what to do. So brave and enjoyed every minute of it.

Sisters, snug as a bug in a rug.

The girls and I had a nice little picnic next to the river.

Carolina made friends with a fireman at one of my races.

Blue eyes

Lina the lamb.

This is Lina and her bestie Lily at a bonfire we enjoyed together.


My girl with all her other besties. She invites all of them to nap with her. She would have it no other way.

My darling girl Carolina.

What a sweet season this has been for us. Hope your's was the same.
I have also had the privilege of spending the last 11 years with my man Greg Vest. It has been a wonderful ride. We spent our evening in the city at a great mexican restaurant and finished off dancing around a saw dusted floor. Would not change a second of it if it meant I couldn't be with you this very second in this very place. Our favorite song these days is "Dancing in the Minefield". Enjoy with us below.
Love all of you and hope you have sweet sweet holiday season.