Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Goodness x 2

This is my oldest praying for her good buddy Tyler. She worried for him and prayed that God would heal him so he could just play and play.

Got some sweet sugar overflowing here.

Our daughters.

Their shoes.

Or boots whatever the day or mood brings.

First day for denim.

First day for pj's and golasha.

No it is not Brittany Spears it's my DAUGHTER!

My sister Kathy always trimmed her toenails by bending over to get them. Now it has been passed along to my daughter.


Making chicken and dumplings together.

Matching "Monkey" jammies.

And finally a shout out to the Beatles.
Girls I am crazy about you and cannot wait, but then again can wait til I share my lipstick with you.
I love you,

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