Tuesday, August 31, 2010

How old are you Carolina? "I'm Twenty Three Months Old".

She often times cannot stand the thought of ever being away from her favorite shoe of the day.

She loves her Nana.

Decided that Woody would be best without his cap, but unfortunately for him it is not his best look. I can hear a southern accent "Somebody has performed a lobotomy on me". This is also her deciding that the more powder the better. Do not ask me where I was while this was accomplished because I truly do not have any idea. It happened very very fast.

What about that smile?
What about those shoes?

Potty Training her baby doll.

Her sweet little glow of a tan at the City Museum.

Again with her radiant smile!

She wore these shoes to the farmer's market the other day. The place shut down when she entered the room. Everyone, I mean everyone admired her boldness in fashion.

She is the greatest big sister.
They recently started sharing their room together. When she hears her sissy cry she says "Do you need me to turn on your music sissy?"

Look at her tip toeing. Love her!

Her daddy helped her and her sister make these cookies for me while I was away.

She made a wish...............

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