Thursday, May 27, 2010

To My Lovely First Born

Dear Carolina,
You are off to sleep now. I am awake thinking of how my life has changed since you made your appearance some 20 months ago. It is as if my smiles are just a little bit wider and my fears are just a little bit deeper because you have effected my world with might! You make me braver and funnier because that is what you are my dear, you are brave!

You are the one person on this earth that gave me the courage to ask God to consider giving me another child. I would not have if you had not been so kind to us during these 20 months. I know He must have warned you about our inabilities. Your patience as our child has been so apparent and yet so gracefilled. You just made it seem like parenting was so easy and that I might be able to handle it again.

You are contagious. You are a gift from our God. You are a life changing force.

There is only two other events in my life that makes me know that God loves us so deeply that He gives us a miracle. A gift that is only because He loves us. You are that. You sealed the deal that makes me never ever doubt that there is a God Almighty who is absolutely crazy about us.

My love, I hope that you know that tomorrow is a gift for you too. You get a sister. A sister. I pray that you and your sister will be crazy about one another. That you finish each other's sentences. That you laugh at your private jokes. That you roll your eyes at your parents together. That you share lipstick and pocketbooks. That you skip, tell secrets and keep each other at their best. And that you will celebrate each others beauty..........

She has a wise little teacher in front of her. Teach her what you know. She will be lucky to know that at 20 months you should encourage others to "elax" or for you to tell them how funny you are or that you Need a sucker! You are more than my heart can handle so I have no idea what God is gonna do in the morning when I meet your sweet sister. I guess I should elax and trust that He will take care of all that.

I love drinking chocolate milk with you. I love giggling with you. I love napping with you. I love reading books with you. I love that you make a big deal out the big things such as tractors or birds. I love singing songs with you. I love praying with you. You know Him so much more than me huh? It has not been that long ago that you spent all of your days with Him.

There are so many because of you's....................But mostly because of you, the intensity of motherhood has captivated my heart with your sweet aroma. A force! You are a force!

So tomorrow the three of us turn to four. Don't worry my little one. I know it's gonna be more than our hearts can handle and it will be so worth it.

Night Night Lina,
I lub you,

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