Monday, May 17, 2010

Not a wet eye in the place.

Who says "I am funny" out loud besides well My daughter Carolina Kimberly does. She cracks herself up. She is hilarious and she knows it! The other day she just went ahead and declared that she was funny. "Mommy, I funny!"

"Not a wet eye in the place". This has been a little theme that we have had in our home these days. What I mean by this is our girl has found the art of fake crying. It's hysterical! When she uses her new skill she gets this wonderful pitiful look on her face which entails her sweet little lips leaping out like she is getting ready to play the horn! She is crafting her new fine art. Sometimes she will even lay her head down to give it a more dramatic effect. You gotta see it! The thing is that she only does it for us, so how will you ever believe us right!

To catch you up.......I will begin with Elizabeth Mae coming next week. Scheduled C Section @ 9 a.m. on Friday May 28th. Now if she comes earlier, no complaints here. My friend Tricia predicted sometime this week so I better get some laundry done. I saw Elizabeth on Friday and I will see her again tomorrow morning. She has a lot of similar characteristics as her sister. She has big cheeks and a more rounded forehead. I have seen her smile. I have seen her with her wrist in the air waving it as if to say "I WAS SLEEPING HERE!" I have seen her trying to get that sweet little thumb in her mouth. We are so thankful that we get to see her at every single visit. We know that this is a gift. It certainly does provide assurance that as of that minute all things are as they should be. As I double check the list - packing for the hospital is all that is left.

For those of you who may not know , one of the many reasons I fell in love with Greg Vest is because he plays the guitar. Greg is my troubador. Greg's romance with music and ability to dance with any instrument mesmerizes me. I become a love struck girl filled with stars in my eyes. The girls in his home are certainly his biggest fans! It's his therapy if you will. You know when he reaches for a dance with his guitar it's because he is missing it and needs to say some things. He did this one evening while she went off to sleep. What little girl gets that? My little girl gets that! A lullaby sung by her daddy! Goodness sakes!

Carolina is very musically inclined. I do believe that Carolina is convinced that her life has background music. It has a sweet and faster beat to it. She likes it that way. And the girl has some talent. She can pick out a piano part in any Harry Connick Jr song. And can the girl sing you ask.... Oh man can she sing like bird. I think she might even be writing her own songs with the ballets and show tunes she comes up with. She sings hallelujah along with Sandra McCrackin like nobody's business (her grandma gets a kick out of that for certain). She plays the drums with the chop sticks her uncle Gene gave me. And by far besides her mother's air drums and other instruments, Carter, the drummer from The Dave Matthews Band is her idol. She says "I play drums"! She gets a kick out of herself. She strums her momma's guitar at least once a day. I am often time left with stars in my eyes at her as well but that probably doesn't surprise you!

We have the girl's room ready. We decided not to paint in hopes of not being here past our lease date next April. But besides that the girl's have matching bed clothes "Simply Shabby Chic". Just simply love it! Don't you just love it when you love it just right?

Carolina has moved to a toddler bed. It has been a struggle for her. We often times find her on the floor because that is where she gave it up. I don't understand the whole need to sleep on the floor, but she must. I trust her judgement. When she is done from her nap or so she thinks, she knocks on the door to let us know we can come and get her. When did she get big?

Elizabeth will use her big sister's crib which was originally Greg's bed when he was a baby. Today it is filled with wonderful gifts that we have been blessed by. Like true Cindy fashion, she blessed Elizabeth with her own set of monogrammed things. She did this for Carolina as well. They are keepsakes for certain. She also made the girls "Big Sis" and "Lil Sis" matching tee's! Love them!

We have an antique chifferobe that would allow for some shelving so Greg made some great shelves for more of the girl's clothes. Can you believe that? Needing more room for girl clothes? Shocking!

My mom and I have been quilting two quilts. One for each girl. The quilts are patchwork and lovely if you ask me. What I love the most about these quilts is that my momma and I have sewn them together. I just fell in love with stitching each patchwork piece together by hand and enjoying a lovely conversation with my mother about sewing, her mother, and about the girls. It has been such a gift. The second thing I love is that my mom and Greg's mom had the forethought of saving some of the dearest and sweetest of our clothes. Dress after dress, John John after John John we were able to have. I kept them in an old suit case for along time, but since the quilts came up, we decided to incorporate them into the patch work. I could not be more excited about this! How sweet is that! Thank you Mom and MaryAnn. I have already started Carolina's keepsake box so don't worry I will pass this sweet gift along.

The only thing we are waiting for now, is well of course our Sweet Baby and she and her sisters new ride. The Chicco Together Double Stroller. I double checked and it is on a ship as we speak coming from the South Pacific! Sounds mysterious.......Need some background music to go along with this huh!

Carolina will be starting a new little toddler class tomorrow night. The Wiggly Worms! It's here in New Town at the Organic Farm. She will be spending her afternoon with her new friends learning about being on a farm. I can hardly wait. She has no idea, but will be pleasantly surprised I am absolutely certain of that. ( pictures to follow)

Most recently, Greg's dream of his girl being a huge Cardinal fan has come to pass. She went to her first game and stayed the entire time. She rooted for Wainwright! Yelled "Play ball!" and sang "Take me out to the ballgame". The only thing she was not fond of was the fireworks when they hit a home run. She certainly appreciates the tradition, understands the need to celebrate a home run, but is uncertain why such loud noises!

Now when she sees a red and white uniform or any other uniform she instantly says "Cardinals" or "ballgame" . This morning her request instead of Yo Gabba Gabba was to watch the Cardinals. No lie! I promise you!

We received a membership to the zoo from Greg's sister's family. We absolutely could not love it more. Carolina and I high tail it there any chance we get. We have been able to ride the train at least one time every month since then. We get a sweet little discount at our favorite snack bars and save time and money parking in the fancy parking lot! It's great! Two weeks ago, Carolina and I went with the Sitarski girls. As if that was not fun enough, we were able to see the Stingrays. Don't worry for those of you who instantly say "What about the Crocodile Hunter?" We made it out alive! I love it when Carolina has a day in which she has to tell the whole world: "Train" "All aboard", "Tigers" "Stingray" "Wash your hands"! Lasting impression on the little lady!

As for Greg and I, we spend our last weekend celebrating, resting and anticipating the arrival of our newest love. I have no idea how God gets your heart primed for such an event, but He is being faithful to us during this time of preparation and anticipation of the advent of our second child Elizabeth. Still wake up from time to time and have to look and see that I have a big belly with my second child moving around in there. It is such a dream come true for us. Thank you all for wishing this for us, praying this for us and celebrating this for us.

Just before I wrap this up just a few things I am looking forward to. Of course my daughter's meeting each other, kissing my new daughter and watching Greg and Carolina kiss her too. Dancing around the living room with my girls.

Bending over.

Drinking a huge glass of orange juice.

Tutti Mare.

A glass of wine with my hubs.

Not having to take antacids at bed time.

Walking without losing my breath.

Getting a gym membership to New Town gym.

Volunteering at the Beth Moore Conference in June. Maybe I will get to meet her. Elizabeth is going too so maybe that will be a draw. Bethy loves babies especially those with the same name I am guessing!

Taking a deep breath!

Thank you Lord for my family. I love them like only you know.

There are so much more that I probably should catch you up on, but instead I will let the pictures speak for us.

Love to all of you,
The Vesties

Just right before Elizabeth - Slideshow

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