Monday, January 18, 2010

Would like to introduce you to our sweet little daughter Elizabeth

We had our 20 week huge ultrasound on Thursday. What we saw was something that my heart could not explain, the love for our newest and sweetest and pretty little daughter. It is an excitement unexplainable. I mean just knowing that as of right now all things are as they should be with our girl. This gives us an extra gigantic sigh of relief and an peaceful grin all our own. We love her already and cannot wait til she gets to be with us. But until then I will have my time with her while I get bigger and bigger and she kicks my ribs and my bladder. Oh motherly bliss! I have had a wonderful pregnancy so far. Please continue to pray for our sweet little baby and for our family.
Love to you all,
The Vest - Greg, Kim, Carolina, Elizabeth and Luke The Dog


  1. Well first of all Yay for a healthy sweet baby Elizabeth. We love the name and love her soooo much. Second, it's about time you posted something new. Love you guys.

  2. Just stumbled upon your blog and realized we are due very close to the same time. My EDD is June 3! Wishing you all the best...