Thursday, January 28, 2010

Random Goodness

Good evening, It's just me and my baby in my belly and the laptop. Thought I would blog a thing or two. My man is in the woods with his possey! They have all gone to shoot things except for Greg. He will be nestled up nicely next to a fire with a good book. That's my man, he is fly fisherman not a hunter. He is ok with it. He just went to get in as many belly laughs as he can possibly get. And looking at the guest list, it will not take long.
The girl is upstairs asleep.
Luke is lying on the floor asleep.
And the refrigerator is making the oddest noise. Kindof like a war movie mixed together with a chairsaw reving up. Not too concerned about it. I know my strengths and refrigeration is not one of them. So moving on....

I would like to introduce you to our new toothbrushes!
Aren't they just about the cutest couple you have seen in a while. Could not pass them up!
I would like to also introduce you to the reason for the new couple coming to live with us:

It does not take her long to take over what she fondly calls "Teeth" in her high sweet pitched voice.

Interesting enough Greg was always confused why I did not really like sharing a toothbrush with him. He would forget or lose his toothbrush and took liberties in using mine. I would nicely ask him not to use my toothbrush. I wasn't saying that I didn't love to kiss him or that he had funk mouth. I just did not like the whole idea of it. You just never know right? Greg would bring the debate to different audiences and still found the same response: No! You don't share toothbrushes! (Thank you people!)There is just not a good reason to share a toothbrush with anyone!
But all of a sudden, a new toothbrush has found it's way to the grocery list and it is Greg's handwriting.
Why might you ask?
I asked the same question myself.

Kim: "Why do you need a new toothbrush, your's is not that old?"
Greg: "Um because the girl decided to dip it in the toilet and put it in her mouth"
Kim: "My point exactly!!!!"
BAM! Just like that Greg needs a new toothbrush!

So nobody is sharing toothbrushes anymore in this house. Thank you Lina for putting the kabosh on that debate. She put the smack down on that idea and her daddy appears to have a different opinion about the whereabouts of a toothbrush.

Oh my word, can't really believe she would do such a thing can ya?

Random Thing Number 2:

Little project I worked on this week: An old mirror and a $2.69 piece of glass from Jeling Hardware. They cut glass for you cheap. That is where I always get my glass!

Next the mounting of one of the most adorable pieces of art I have ever seen. CKV received this print from Johanna for Christmas. Wait to you see it up close.

Be still my heart. It's the truth. - Carolina just stay little, I mean it!

Although the glass did not go all the way to the top of the mirror, I still believe it blends in nicely. Can't really tell unless looking at it closely.

The little love hanging sweetly over her bed.

Thank you Jo. We absolutely love it!

Our doll representing her neighborhood!

Good night!
Hope you all have a great weekend.
Thanks for reading.
The Vest's

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  1. I'm with you about the toothbrushes. That is not the item to use to teach sharing.

    I feel honored to be mentioned on your blog and I love what you did with the print.