Monday, November 30, 2009

Pumpkin Pie, Prenatal Vitamins and a Pretty Sweet Life

Hi Everyone,
Thought I better get to this before this gets out of hand.

First and most importantly, Greg and I found out recently that we are gonna have another baby. We are so excited about this. We held our breath for sometime because we were uncertain how to accept such a blessing in our lives. We did not do any procedures. We did not drink any potions or swallow any miracle pills. The good old fashion way if you will. Greg and I just said recently with the miracle of our daughter Carolina, we did not have the audacity to ask God to bless us again, but He did. We are so thankful for this privilege and so thankful that our sweet little girl will have a sibling that she will grow old with.

We are always still praying and hoping for those unable to have a baby or those who anxiously awaiting to hear if they get to have a baby or have another!

We are 13.5 weeks. This pregnancy is going kindof quick. I guess because I am still having trouble believing that I am pregnant (except for the increase in my waistline, that boy happens fast the second time). Dr. Herrmann has been generous and has allowed us to come and see the baby every week. He said he would like to help us wallpaper our home with ultrasounds. The last ultrasound we could see our little one, great heartbeat, it has been ranging from 178 to 150. This ultrasound you could also hear the baby swishing and turning, we even saw a little wave if you can believe that.

I am a little less nauseated this time around. It hits me more often in the evening and especially when I take those gigantic horsepill size prenatal vitamins. The only true craving I can say has overtaken me is The Southwest Chicken Salad from Hardees. You should try it if you haven't. It's on the Red Burrito Menu. It's is a wonderful party for my pallet. I have been known to eat at least five in one week. Yikes!

Who would have known that Greg and I would celebrate our TEN year anniversary with a baby in my belly. It was a wonderful evening. I mean it when I say I would never want to live a day if I had to do it without Greg Vest. He has been the most incredible lifetime traveling companion. I cannot even believe how God has blessed us and after all these years we still love deeper than ever.

To celebrate our anniversary we had our second overnight date without the girl. Greg's parents were very kind to come and stay at our place and we headed down to the city. We stayed at the downtown Hilton and headed to Mango for some Peruvian food. Then after dinner finished up our evening with a giggling walk around the bustliest part of the city. We finished with a night cap at Charlie Giggots. My favorite a cup of restaurant style coffee and a big piece of chocolate cake. The next day we woke up at 8:45. This was the first time I was able to do this since I was about 7 months pregnant with the girl. It was heavenly. We took our time getting up. Then off to enjoy the rest of our day. We went to Soulard for some vegetables. Then to Kicker's Corner for some wings and a burger and topped it off by stopping in at Shottzie's in South County. We got home about 4 p.m. and we were both so glad to see our girl.

This month has been filled with lots of celebrations. I just love November. We hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

This Thanksgiving looked a little different than the last 11 years for Greg and I. THis was the first year that I was unable to play in the annual Thanksgiving Turkey Day Football Extravaganza! Although I wasn't able to make it, of course my man was up and out of here! Jon picked him up at 8:20 and he got home by 11:20. They played hard. For the next three days I would hear a random OOHHHHH, AWWEEE, OUCH! And there was an obvious scar from the gladiator like affair on my love's ankle. It is all very worth it to my man! If Greg were to get pregnant, have to stay home and watch Carolina, it would drive him crazy. CAGED LION is all I can say! But luckily that wasn't the case this year. He also received a few texts from fellow team mates stating how they were unable to tie their shoes without needing help getting back up!I believe that even our pastor John who plays with them found it important to talk about it on Sunday. It is a very Godly thing to play football on Thanksgiving morning. I will be back next year don't worry. I hope Cindy will too unless she keeps making more babies!
We had a wonderful Thanksgiving - we went to 3 different places. Julie's house on Thursday. My mom's on Friday evening and my brother's on Saturday. The weekend finished up with a house warming party for my niece Stacy. She got her first place and we showered her with things that make a house a home. Darling little place and we are so happy for Stacy and Kayla. What a sweet little surprise and it couldn't come at a better time of year! She even got her own Christmas tree. I am certain she spent the rest of the evening putting her lights and ornaments on the tree! Oh how wonderful!

Other things that have been going on with us. Greg is planning another trip to Guatemala. This time the trip will be just a men's team going to serve those in Guatemala City. THe trip is planned for late March 2010. More details to come soon.

Greg and I have been asked to start a new basecamp or Bible study in our church. We are excited about this. We have been meeting with our pastor on Monday nights to get us prepared and ready for such an amazing adventure. Our group is not just going to be studying the Bible. We want to get out into our community and help those in need. Recently, Greg and I met a beautiful couple from North City. They pastor at a missionary baptist church in the city. Greg and I would like to offer them help or those they may know of in need. They also asked Greg and I to be thinking of how we can help them with their ministry serving the families of homicide victims in the city. It would be an a amazing privilege to help them in this capacity. We are looking so forward to seeing how this is going to come to fruition.

As far as me, I am still seeing clients at the practice. Greg and I are still seeing clients together which continues to be such a joy and a challenge in our life. We love it.
Next week I start teaching sociology again. Soo excited! Syllabus is updated! I loved my last class and hope this one goes just as well.

Lastly, my newest weekly goal is to strum on my guitar for five minutes a day. You see my man bought me this beautiful melodic piece a few years ago for my birthday. I picked up learning the cords quickly, but the strumming well let's just say has been more of a struggle for me. I think Luke covers his ears when I pick the guitar up! I want to get better at this. My goal is to play a few Indigo Girl songs like nobody's business.

Our darling: What has she been up to? She is growing and growing. Can't believe it. She is climbing on the furniture. She has got some rythym and breaks into dance at any given moment. She will not keep a barrett in her hair to save her life and she has a new name for us "Daddamomma". I don't think she want to take the time to say both of our names so now she throws them in their together. Just now she came over to me with a picture of Lily Sitarski and said "LuLu". She loves her LuLu. I just love it that both Lily and Carolina have given each other nicknames. Lily was the first to call Carolina "Lina" and it stuck. I am not certain if Lulu will stick, but we definitely know who that is around here!
One of my most proudest moments - This girl keeps her nose in books. She loves books. She reads them to herself, studies them and sometimes says what she thinks they say outloud. But this topped it all. In early November she and I went to the zoo with Cindy and her girls and our friend Michelle and her boys. We took sometime at the Malayan Bear exhibit. There were many reasons why these bears kept us interested. You can let your mind wander some, but don't go too far. So while we were in awe of some of there love and ways of showing affection, Carolina breaks out in her rendition of "Brown Bear, Brown Bear". She said it with the perfect cadence that she and I read it in on most days. She put two and two together. And what topped it off was that other people heard her! They could hear her saying something and purposeful! I mean SPEECHLESS!!! PRICELESS! I will never forget it. She knew she had done something wonderful too and clapped for herself!
Recently the girl has gotten a little lovey with her baby dolls. I took her American Girl Bitty Baby doll out of the box and as we speak she is taking good care of her. It is so interesting to watch the maternal instinct kick in to a young woman. Beautiful to say the least.

This month Carolina gets to meet two of her newest friends. Matt and Vicki are coming home from Guam for a visit. It will be our first time to meet Kyra in person. Can't wait to introduce Carolina to her. Then if that weren't enough, Neil and Sarah are coming to stay with us for the holiday. They are bringing their beautiful Hannah. Carolina has big surprises ahead! Just cannot hardly wait!

Well I guess that gets me caught up on all that has happened and is gonna happen around here for now. This Christmas season Greg and I are gonna try to focus on the the real reason for the Christmas season. We are looking for a family to serve or give to so if you have any ideas, please let us know.

I want to finish with saying Happy Birthday to many people this month: Cindy, Steve, Kathy, Pat and Glenda.

Thanks for hanging in there for this long blog, but I just couldn't let it go another second!

Love to you all and we hope you have a wonderful holiday season.
The Vest Family

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