Monday, October 5, 2009

Wow, So much has happened since we talked last!

Good afternoon sweet friends,

What a whirlwind this last few months have been for us.

First of all, we are settled in our new home. We like to call it our "Little Row House on the Praire". We live in a row house in New Town and it literally(Jon I know you think literally is overused, but wouldn't you say that literally is appropriate here?) is across from a "Prairie in Progress" Hence the name is fitting wouldn't you say?

We love our simplified life. Our new neighborhood is just lovely. Greg and I have always wanted to live in the city and have our people(church, friends, family) around us at the same time. Now I am not trying to claim that New Town is the "Concrete Jungle", but it is a wonderful garden of what we really wanted most for our family and in our neighborhood. We have walked more in the last month, well, than in our whole life.
Luke loves it here. He gets to walk everyday, play frisbee with his dad just across the way in the park and if he is lucky he gets to take a dive into the lake. He had no idea what was happening when his pack was packing up their things and hauling them off. A little unnerving to say the least.

We liked to think of it as "Retirement". It is a refreshing rest from working on a historic 1881 home in Old Town. Believe it or not I don't miss the old house. Having an old home was always something I always wanted and may go there again sometime, but am thankful for the rest from the constant work of it all. Coming from our sweet victorian to our row house leaves lots of time to be together which was what we wanted most. Greg has to mow, but that literally takes him 3 minutes. We are resting, reading, giggling, cooking, riding our bikes, and spending time with friends. We are so thankful for this time in our life.

As most of you may know, Greg and I met while working together at TGI Friday's. He liked my buttons or my flair if you will? And at time still likes to push my buttons. Right after were were married, we went on to work in Colorado together at a residential treatment center for trouble children. We have always loved working together. Since we left Colorado, it is something that we have longed for and have prayed to get to do again. And as of late, Greg and I have been able to work together. For sometime now, I have set up my private practice at Freedom Counseling seeing clients one night a week. Greg has always been welcome to see clients as well, but it has been slower going for him because he is already working full time elsewhere. We have gotten the privilege and have been seeing a married couple. We love it and them. It took us just a little bit to get our groove, but it appears that we with God's help, have been able to get our swagger on. Greg truly is gifted as a counselor. I do admire his love for clients. He cracks me up like no other. He uses his comedy in his counseling as well. He is not as Dr. Phil as many of you would have guessed. He has not in my presence told a client to just get over it yet. The biggest deal is that we are so thankful to be able to do this together. Greg has 3 other clients. I am up to 8 and just love it. We are just so dang thankful for this in our lives.

But then there is the girl. Lina as she likes to call herself. Waving at strangers and giving them the flirty grin. She is still stealing our hearts and making our belly hurt from giggling so much. She knows she is a crack up! Here are some of her newest accomplishment: climbing stairs with and without permission(naughty), blowing kisses, oh and saying "No" under her breath of course. She knows what a cow, chicken and goat says. While on our walk she starts with these noises. This is for us to know that she wants to go visit the cows, goats, chickens and pigs at the farm here in New Town. She loves to dance. She has some great moves. She is a little lover and will without prompting plant a big one right on the lips. What a Lovey! She at times gets a sweet spell and goes right over to Luke and gives her all her loving!
As we speak she is saying her newest word "Luda luda luda luda" Can't helped but say it myself. She is just delicious.
We had our first visit to the emergency room. Carolina conked her head right on the corner of the chair and the biggest egg came pertruding right out of her head. It was horrific. Jo is my witness. She was our saving grace. We rushed to the hospital just to find that they could tell I was a new mom. I don't think they giggled in the room with us, but maybe as they felt the door shut right on their tush. Yes, I know now that you want a gigantic egg to come out of your child's forehead. It's a good sign (huh?). They just patted me on the back and might have said "there, there". They sent us off with hopes of a black eye in the morning. So that was $150 lesson, but I am thankful I know now. So if that wasn't enough, Greg was taking Luke an Carolina for a walk. Luke saw a rabbit and pulled over the stroller to give the girl another egg on the other side. So at one point in that week, our little doll had horns and dark circles under her eyes. I am not sure we introduced ourselves in the neighborhood that week. Was afraid of an anoynmous call regarding the care that she is receiving. Yikes what a week that was!

Carolina made it through that week and went on and celebrated her first birthday last Saturday. The day before, well I spent it crying. I was having a little bit of a time believing my darling is one year old. I mean when they say it goes quick, they are not joking! With her in this world things are easier to prioritize. She just makes it just a little bit more prettier!
So back to her birthday. She was a doll. She loved her cake. Bite by bite you could see she was enjoying every minute of it. She even offered others a bit with her cake filled hands. She is very generous as you can tell. She did not get too many takers, but she didn't take it too personal. She just kept on eating. She got her first table and chairs. Didn't realize she is a little short for it, but she certainly will grow into it. She also got her first American Girl Doll. Who gets an AGD at age 1? She also received so many other sweet gifts some from out of town even and we cannot thank you all enough for celebrating our girl. If you were able to make it, we missed you. Thank you also for loving us. It is incredible.

Hope you all enjoy this time of year. We love October. Can't believe it has been a year since our girl was born. Wow!

Love you all,
The Vest's

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