Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sing along with me "So much to say so much to say so much to say"

Our girl on her first real vacation to the mountains.

Belle is not really a dog fan, but she is a Luke fan......It's really kindof sweet the love they have for each other. Luke has a way with the ladies unless he is covered in horse muck.......

Greg and Anthony before one of their day adventures fly fishing!

Is there anyone else besides me that likes V8? Well I kindof cracked up about this.......
Fancy Vegetable Juice - Giggle Giggle!!!!!! Yep it's fancy alright! No bad, not bad!!!!

Well I just decided to sit down and grade some papers so here I am blogging. I saw the importance of blogging over, well my student's paper! Don't tell them or others I said so. Right now I am listening to the sound of my beautiful daughter yell out "Momma"! She does this all day long. It's our little thing I guess. Kindof a role call, but with a little bit more sass to it! Carolina is talking alot: bird, George(curious george is her stuffed animal), ball, book, Duke(Luke)and somethings we are not certain she is saying, but she sure does mean it! Also when she hears our phone she holds her hand up to her ear and say "ALLO"! Then she says "OOOH"! What a crack up! She is watching us!

Our girl has started to walk full time since I blogged last. She is great at it! My momma said that she couldn't catch a hog with those legs. She a little on the bow legged side, but they say that is what comes with an early walker. We'll see. She is steady and can turn around with a little bit more finesse than a truck driver turning from the local Lion's Choice. No one wants to jack knife if you know what I mean? She is also climbing stairs when she gets the opportunity. She looks like the cat who ate the canary when she is spotted! Thank goodness for baby gates! With walking brings a new adventuresome life for me and her daddy oh and don't forget Luke The Dog. He has to be on all 20 of his toes to make sure she doesn't infringe on the little life that he holds dear to him such as his frisbee. The other day Sister had his frisbee. He stood at attention looking and wondering how he is gonna get his paws on that frisbee. She yelled at him "No"! I guess he had enough and he went for it. Leaving her little legs and bottom in the dust! He has to fight for his rights around here these day. The look on his face sometimes says "My goodness can't I have a thing to myself" or "Back in the Day".

In July, Greg and I went for a wonderful short vacation to South Park, Colorado. There is nothing like the mountains and a man in fly fishing gear. I mean I just love wadders and my dimpled face man in them. We had a wonderful time with our friends Anthony, Belle and their family. Luke went with us. His most influential and memorable moment of the trip was when he saw the horses and went right where they eliminate and smeared himself right in it. Yes, could have been a long ride home with such a smell, but Greg was gracious enough to take him in the cool mountain stream and wash him with none other than Johnson and Johnson Bedtime Bath. It's main ingredient is Lavender which if you do not know is soothing. Needless to say, we scared the rainbows and the big brownie fish while getting the "Elimination" off of our dog. He was effected by the shampoo and he slept for a good portion of our day. Just a plug for J&J.....

We just recently sold our house. We are so thankful for this. We are moving to New Town. We call it our Little Row House on the Prairie. You'll see when you come over. Feel free to come on over anytime. We are moving the first of September!

There are just so many wonderful things happening in our life. Like right now, Carolina and Luke are playing in the toilet! Who taught her how to lift the seat? Wow can't a girl blog for a minute. Yep they are still at it! Where is the towel? I mean towels???? EWWW SHE JUST PUT IT IN HER MOUTH!!!!! We hope you all are doing great! Fill us in on your life when you can.

Our cousins Neil and Sarah just had their first little girl - Hannah Claire - WOW SHE IS PRETTY!

Would like to officially ask Ella to come on out and meet us! Cindy is being induced in the morning. Can't wait to see the pretty little thing. August 20th will never be the same!

Love to you all,

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  1. V8 is another reason I like you; we buy tomato juice by the case at Sam's

    Need to get together for coffee and other beverages soon....