Saturday, August 22, 2009


Just had to post the most recent wonderful thing our daughter has done. Well last evening the Vest family spent the evening visiting with New Born, Beautiful, Baby Girl Ella Lynn Sitarski. I love her alot already! Greg has the touch. I call him, and others have as well, the "Baby Whisperer". Her momma is in love with her. Cindy said that Ella has stolen her heart and that Lily is just perfect with her new role as big sister.

Ever since Lily Marie Sitarski knew Carolina she has been informed as to who she is in her life. And it pleased our hearts so when we heard Lily say for the first time "Lina"! We just loved it. She will see pictures of Lina and wonder where she is. She even saw a picture of me before Carolina was here and she asked where Lina was. Just darling.

So this morning Greg, Carolina, Luke and I all started our day with family time. It's the time we have while we decide what is for breakfast and what we will do with our day. It's my most favorite time of the day. We get alot of attention from our girl. Lots of kisses and giggles happen at this time of day. But this morning was different than any other. Something extra special came from Carolina's mouth. What was it you ask? Well it was "Lina"! Glory Hallelujah! We asked her to say it again and she did! What is your name Carolina? "Lina"! OH GLORY TO GOD IN THE HEAVENS!! They weren't kidding when they tell you every single day is something better and wonderful!

I almost can't contain myself and I find it very catartic to share this incredible moment! We feel bad from time to time because she has a list of "TRICKS" that we often put her on the spot to do. She is very picky as to when and who and when and where she performs! This has been added to the very tip top of the list! This is on top of the cherry!
Love to you all,

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