Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Kimmy come back here and look at this......

Me and my girl

Mad as a HORNET!

Parents as Teachers would be proud. She loves it! It's like her own space ship or tent....

Carolina's Uncle Gene

Look at those linen pants! Delicious!

Doll Baby! Yes, her shoes are gold!!! Thanks Janie and Jack!

If you haven't tried these, go right now.....YUMMY! We bought two boxes!

Blueberries! She loved them.

So as many of you know Greg and I are Mexican food addicts. We are not in treatment or care to join a group except a group that meets at mexican restaurants for bowls and bowls of chips and salsa. But let me tell you what makes us a little different than other mexican food lovers. Sunday we just left our friends and decided we couldn't wait to eat until we got home and we must stop. Our friend Jo lives about 4 miles from us so you can see why we thought we wouldn't make it home without a stop at the local watering hole El Agave. We hadn't been there since Saturday, the night before, which was another reason why we knew we must go. We have friends at El Agave. They like our daughter. They bring us all the chips and salsa we need and sometimes Greg gets a bowl and I get a bowl. Now that is service. So back to the point! So anyways after leaving New Town, we rushed to El Agave. Greg parked and went to the back of the car to get the girl. When he noticed some mashed carrots.......Mashed carrots is something we do not just keep around in the back of the car for those of you wondering. The "mashed carrots" were everywhere including our pretty little girl's mouth. Greg said "Kimmy come back here and look at this." We investigated more and found out that the mashed carrots were coming from her little bitty diaper filled with other sorts of mashed mashy mushy smelly yucky things that were now all over her, her three little teeth and now all over us.....So what would any mexican addict do you ask? Cleaned their daughter up as much as possible and take her on in and order our favorite - fajita for one(split it). Didn't miss a beat! No real reason to. Yes, we both took our turn washing our hands in the restaurant which is quite nice in case you were wondering......

So if that is not gross enough, read on. Closest call ever in all of my motherhood....Luke had a tick on him that popped off because , well because I guess it was full as a tick. Well it popped off right on the kitchen floor. DISGUSTING! YOU COULD BARELY SEE THE LEGS, BUT THEY WERE MOVING! UGGGGHH. and before I knew it, the girl had it in her hands going for her mouth.... I DOVE TO THE SCENE! EMBRACING THE BLUCCKKY THING IN MY HAND AND RUNNING FOR THE TOILET TO END IT'S LIFE IMMEDIATELY! OH MY WORD! That was the closest call! Don't judge! How was I to know? It happened so fast! Words can't describe the horror! The what if'! Sometimes you have to kill a life to save a life!
Take a breathe. I realize this is a riveting blog entry. Take your time. Wait......Ok.... Move on.
But on a softer and sweeter side. The other night, I don't even know if I can even do this story justice, but here goes. The other night we went to New Town for a reggae fest. Really fun, great time, great company. We went with our neighb's Ed and Leah. While we were there we took a long long walk around the place. Wonderful place. So the girl was in her stroller, not strapped in, but content. She dozed off to sleep, but before settling in, she turned herself right over on her belly and snuggled in like she does in her own bed! COULD NOT BELIEVE IT! WHAT A DARLING! COULD NOT BELIEVE AND STILL CANNOT! I mean she went off to sleep! She turned herself over and went off to sleep. I know you had to be there to get the best picture, but it was wonderful!

Carolina has 3.5 teeth. The top teeth were brutal for her. She wasn't herself for sure!
She is doing well. She is taking naps everyday and sleeping through the night. She has got "Bye Bye" down well. She is still saying "Dadda"! She is a great little lover. She gives kisses to almost anyone which we have to be careful with. She just feels the love and goes for it! Oh the love of a babe! She talks alot. I know she knows what she means because she just keeps on saying it! I am not sure how to spell all the things she says or I would share specifics, but just trust me on this one. She is truly a speaker of truth and wisdom. I can tell....

Also wanted to share that I will begin teaching at University of Phoenix in July. I am pretty stoked about it. Teaching Sociology. I always wanted to teach college level and am so thankful for this opportunity.
This summer we are anxiously awaiting many new babies. Greg's sister Julie is having a baby girl - Lexi. Our cousin Sarah is having a baby girl - name to be announced. Cindy is having her baby girl - Ella. Looking forward to meeting these sweet little girls. And just tomorrow, a new baby Shaw will be entering in to the world. Our friends Jeff and Gayle are having their second boy tomorrow. Can't wait!
Hope you all are having a great summer and thanks for catching up with us.


  1. Great update! And by the way, I don't think we are even 4 miles away from each other. I love that you stopped at El Agave. Wanna go tomorrow night for dinner (Thursday)? 6:30 or so?

  2. Hey-we wanna go!! We could also eat Mexican multiple nights a week. And guess what-that's our fav place too!!
    All the other stuff in this entry really grossed me out!
    Hey-you need to put our new little blog on your fav list please!!