Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I have to share this right away.......

She is learning to use a spoon.
Her first day in the pool and in her bikini!

This was the shirt her daddy wore on the day she was born.
But I have to share what just happend. It is blog worthy!

So just a few seconds ago Greg and I saw one of the sweetest things I think all four of our eyes have ever ever seen.

We just went upstairs to start our nightly rituals. Lady bug turned on - Check. Mix tape/cd singing - Check. Aquarium and swimming fish lighting up the room - Check. Praying for our girl - Check. Sneak back over to the bed for one last peek. Hoping to get our eyes filled with all her beauty so that it will keep us full until we get to see her in the morning. So when we did what we saw was our girl lying on her belly, hind end sticking straight up, and our girl reaching out with her hand to get her baby doll. She pulled the baby close and went off to sleep holding her baby close in her arm.

Goodness Gracious - All I can ask her is "CAN I HAVE MY HEART BACK?" GEEZ LOUIS! We stood with our mouths wide open watching our baby show affection to another without anyone watching. Good Glory!

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  1. Your posts bring tears to my eyes because these, some 30 years later, I remember. Please, please, live each day to savor each moment. They pass soooo quickly. She is a beautiful little girl and you are wonderful parents. God bless you and I pray that your days will be filled with good moments that create such memories. Judy Martin