Friday, May 29, 2009

Oh My Word Should Really Be Oh Our World.....

Mother's Day

She takes naps in her own bed now.

At my mom's house the day before Easter.

This is the smile I talk about below. This was Easter Morning.

Mother's Day with my two favorite loves.

Her pulling up.

Oh Our World...............................................

That's exactly what has changed since we blogged last. Oh our world has changed so much in the last six weeks. Not only has our babycakes turned 8 months old, she has accomplished many many things. She is doing terrific. The little lady has two teeth on the bottom now. What a darling sight! We believe that her top teeth are coming any second too. Can't wait to see what her little grin will look like then.

Easter morning was so sweet. We put Carolina next to her Easter Basket and you would have thought she knew she just received a gift. Her smile as you can see was genuine and filled with laughter. She just loved her little basket. Greg and I were so surprised how lovely she was about her basket. That just made the rest of the day even more lovely. She has that effect on things especially her parents.

Is that background music I hear. You would think this girl's life has some background music going because she is becoming the Dancing queen. Carolina has got herself a little bit of rythym. It's hilarious. She will just break out in dance at anytime. She loves music. She cracks us up.

This month we also had the tremendous privilege of dedicating her. Greg and I have waited, well, our whole marriage to dedicate our child back to God. So in April, Greg and I dressed up and got our girl in the car. Drove to church and cried the whole way there. We were overwhelmed with the privilege and love that we have to be the parents of this strong little miracle. We had such a great day. After the service, our backyard filled up with friends and family. Those who have wept, prayed, believed and celebrate now our gift from our Lord. I have to say that on that day, I knew what Hannah felt like. She is a woman in the Bible whom I have felt many similar emotions. First when she begged God to give her a child and secondly when she promised the Lord she would give him back. So this day was special. Just special and powerful. I know that our God was with us. Our celebration was a blast. Our last guest left at 10 p.m. Lots and lots of hamburgers and laughter. Can't thank everyone enough for coming and witnessing our devotion to our God and rearing our child to know him.

Another wonderful celebration is Mother's Day. I had no idea how much I would love Mother's Day. It's is way way better than my birthday. Who cares about your birthday when you get to be a momma. For all of you waiting to be a momma, I can't wait to celebrate with you too! Greg and Carolina took me to Soulard for veggies and fruit. Then off to the Hill for a hot salami sandwich. Then we spent the afternoon at the Zoo. The day was topped off with a delicious meal cooked especially by my love. AHHHHH what a nice day that was. I loved every minute of it.

Speaking of laughter, we have a giggly girl. What that does to our hearts. We try almost anything to get her to laugh. We are unplugged around here to hear that joyous noise. Her giggle makes us giggle. And she thinks she is funny. Seriously. She kindof cracks herself up. I think she tells herself jokes in her new little language(DADAADAAAAKEEEEEDAAAADAAA, sounds kindof like that) that only she knows and just breaks out in giggles. And yes, she says Dadda. However, she no longer says momma unless I am not in the room. She says it to other people. Greg is her dadda and she loves him to pieces. When he goes to work in the morning, she waves, yes I said waves, and says "Dadda" and waves. Likes she knows Dadda gone bye bye.

Her biggest accomplishment of the last six weeks - Started the weekend of her dedication in April. Just one day Greg and I were sitting there and she army crawled over to the table and pulled herself clear up and looked around like she was BIG! She was BIG! I THOUGHT I BROUGHT HOME A BABY! NOW LISTEN I AM THINKING OF PUTTING A BRICK IN HER PANTS! ANY OTHER IDEAS? I said army crawl before because now she is crawling like she has been doing this for years. Now we know she hasn't because she hasn't been on earth for a year, but you would think by the way she moves she is an Olympian crawler. The girl has become unstoppable. We are childproofed until we realize that we aren't childproof. We have pillows blocking every cord or any possible tantilizing naughty thing she can chew, pull, grab which can lead to something possibly crashing down on her perfect little pretty little noggin......I THOUGHT SHE WAS A BABY! NOW SHE IS BIG!!! No more just sitting and admiring our little love while she lays quietly on the designated area we have allowed her to lay. SHE RULES THE PLACE!!!!!!

We couldn't be more happy about this little life in our home. Making noise, eating dog hair, giving Luke her food,getting in Luke's bowl spilling things, smelling things up (good and bad), giggling and filling us with love. What a girl! What a girl!

We hope all of you are having a wonderful summer! Thanks for reading about our baby and our life. We love you.

G, K, C and Luke the dog

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  1. Hey Kim, Gred, and Ms. Carolina-Love reading about your baby cakes. I hope you are enjoying your summer. Miss you guys! Love ,katie