Tuesday, April 7, 2009

6 month old Sugar!

The Sleeping Picture is the Hippo with the Binky tossed to the side!

Good times! Good meals!

Gypsie Girl
Love bug of our lives!

Good morning everyone, I felt it a sense of urgency to get a new post out today. The reason for the urgency is because we are waiting the advent of Carolina's first tooth. If you were to take a quick peak you could see a little white spot just under her swollen gums. It's not like Carolina is unaware that this is happening. This has been a difficult time for our girl. She has been quite a woman about the eruption of her first pearly whites, although at times, the pain has been too much for her to bear.

The last few weeks have been filled with so much excitement. Where do I begin? Well first, the long and loyal friend "Baby" the binky has now become yesterday's news. She is actually offended when you offer her binky. When she does communicate about her feelings regarding this matter, it is not quiet. Which means that she is not quiet! Get it? So our assumption is that she is saying "I can't believe you think I would ever ever want such a thing." Like we are the crazy ones. As if to say "I am so past that!" Now don't get me wrong, it is kindof a like a bad habit for her sometimes and she will pick it up just from time to time, but she doesn't want to have to explain her reasoning for it. And we do not ask......

So her "Baby" has now been replaced by another transitional object - Her stuffed baby Hippo. We only give it to her when it is time to rest. At night she grabs it with all her love and strengtht like they are going to break out in the Tango or do the Cha Cha. She is thrilled to see her hippo and then they go off to sleep.

Other wonderful things that have happened in this last couple weeks......
Lots of talking, well "MOMMA MOMMA MOMMA", but still no "DADDA DADDA DADDA". But we are still working on it.

She is very affectionate and will plant a good one right on the mouth. And if you are not ready for it, well all the drool available for her teething, will smear or drip right on your chin and possibly down your favorite shirt. So be aware. She is a lover!

We have added some new food to her menu: spinach and butternut squash plus a little apple juice. She loves it and does so well with her food. Have to say that the only thing she is not fond of is bananas. She gaugs when she tastes it. It's almost Oscar worthy and cracks us up. We continued to try to give it to her, but she would seperate it from the other food. So what you are hearing me say is that she likes SPINACH better than BANANAS! We will revisit this in a couple weeks!

On the home front: Greg and I have been trying to get our old house up to par for the summer. Lots of hard work lately. We found out recently our porch is rotting so Greg is hard at it trying to replace the old rickety porch. The good thing is that since we live in a historic area, we are eligible for a facade grant. So we are in the middle of making up a proposal for the city so that we can rehab this beautiful old thing just as if it were 1881. So keep your fingers crossed. Other than that, we are spending time working outside getting the gardens ready. I used some of the giftcards I received at Christmas on Saturday. I bought a tree and other shrubs ans roses which are warm and cozy in my front parlor. I wasn't about to let the little loves freeze this week. I have to say that I have never hosted a Weeping Cherry Tree before. It's fun and I have taken "Talking to your plants" to a whole different level. I think I might ask if they would like some of my coffee this morning. So when Global Warming kicks in again, well Carolina, Greg and I are out in the front yard if you can't find us in the back or in the house.

Side note: It's nice to be able to bend over this spring. Last spring I was too sleepy because I had a sweet little Carolina in my belly. Then you saw what happened to the belly! Which made it difficult to bend over and weed a garden. So I am back at it! I love dirt under my fingernails and in my toes. I hope everyone enjoy their Spring time. I want to get this done now because we want to be at the Zoo, festivals or Forest Park. Wanna come too? Please let us know!

Oh we want to give an endorsement. Vivianno''s Market on the Hill has two bottles of wine for 7 bucks! Which that in of itself is great. However, my new thrill is from The Lost Vineyards of Spain. Sound Fancy? Well it's not, but you are still gonna love their Sangria. YUMMY! My Father-In_Law share this love. It's the type of goodness that you have to squeeze or shake real hard when it's all gone. A moment of silence is necessary when your bottle is echoey. The message that is sent back to you through the bottle neck is "Go Get Some MORE QUICK!" You gotta get some of this tasty goodness and get it quick!

Well tomorrow, Carolina and I will be out looking for an Easter Dress for the Sister's first Easter. I have a couple in mind, but will need to narrow it down. We also will be getting her picture made with the Easter Bunny if we time permits!

The most important thing about this season is remembering why we celebrate Easter. Not just because my beautiful Dogwood trees have their debut and shows off for the Robin who is trying to find a place for her nest and babies. But it starts for me on Thursday night. A time which is so sombering, Jesus in the garden. It is the beginning of redemption and forgiveness for this world. I still struggle with people working on Good Friday! I like it when it rains around 2 in the afternoon. I play my favorite song "High Noon" by Andrew Peterson. And Saturday,always seems a little quiet to me. Then early Sunday morning the time has come when Jesus says Mary "Why are you crying?" And she replies "RABBONI"! She sees that He is alive and is standing in front of her. Her Savior! The Savior of this world! I just love Easter!

Well I had a lot more to say that I realized. Thanks for listening. Hope you and your family enjoy your Easter or Passover. We love you and are thankful you are in our lives.

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  1. Your neighbor next door (the one who wears a bra in case you were wondering which one)April 7, 2009 at 7:41 PM

    Baby Carolina is so sweet. I loved her pictures. We are so grateful to have such a wonderful family living next to us.