Friday, March 20, 2009

What a big month for our girl.

This last week was a great week for Carolina. Her biggest accomplishment for this week was sitting all by herself with no props, no assistance or spotting. She is truly an accomplished sitter. She loves it and is offended when you just might suggest that she would want to lie down for some strange reason. Lying is for babies!

This last month has also been focused on introducing vegetable and fruit into her diet. Greg and I went to Soulard Market, one of our favorite things to do on Saturday, to get all the produce and spent the rest of the day pureeing and freezing cubes and cubes of zucchini, squash, sweet potatoes, peaches, plums etc. She has really enjoyed every new and fancy cuisine served to her. Not a picky eater so far maybe a little bossy if I don't get it to her mouth quick enough, but that is nothing new. The girl expects speedy service at her restaurant.

St. Patrick's Day was spent at the park with her grandma and me. In the picture you will see her sporting her authentic onesie straight from Ireland. A shout out to her Uncle Gene who made sure to remember her when he traveled there in the fall. What a lucky girl!

Also it's cute to see her with a little tan. She inherited beautiful olive skin and it serves her well on beautiful days at the park. Don't worry I have a supply of sunscreen for her little nose.

We are in love with her and she is growing leaps and bounds! We are so thankful for our love.

Love to you all,

The Vest Family

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  1. Hey Lady....So good to hear from you! I wish I could hang out with ya and hold your most adorable little Carolina! Man, she looks like you. I'm glad Frannie gave you a good song to sing!!! I will give them a hug for you. I miss you! Write about what you and Carolina are up too! Are you going to stay in your house? Any new projects? Tell Mr. Greg hello! Love ya,katie