Saturday, February 28, 2009

Me and C while her Daddy is off to Ski

Good morning everyone. It's me and Carolina. We are here at home while Greg is in Colorado skiing. This was Greg's Christmas present from me so I have no complaints of him having a wonderful vacation and not taking me.

So Carolina and I have been hanging out this weekend which is much like what we do throughout the week, but it feels strange not having our favorite man arrive on the scene everyday about 5 p.m. We have made it two nights now, but are thankful we just have one more to go.

Greg is skiing with our dearest friends, Brandon and Ed. Then today he gets to see our nephew Nick who lives in Colorado and who loves to snowboard. Colorado trips are Greg's nirvana. He loves Colorado, loves to ski and he loves to be with his friends. So he is got it going on for sure. I think the next best thing for him would be all those things and that he could fly fish in a cold moutain stream after along hard day on the slopes. But don't get me wrong, the man is planning his fly fishing trip to New Zealand. We have a belief that if we say it out loud, there is power in that and it will come to pass. So that is exactly how he brought it to me. "Kimmy, if it's out there, it will come to pass. I am going to fly fish in New Zealand." I has worked for us on a lot of wishes so try it........

So enough about his vacation. Carolina and I spent the evening with my sister last night. And today we are plannning to attend a baby shower. The isn't just any ole baby shower. It's a shower to celebrate Baby Girl Welton. Greg's best friend since I don't know is having a baby, I mean Vic is having the baby, but Matt's gonna be the dad. Got it??? So we are so excited for them. They will be great parents. Then this afternoon, well we are free to see what our day holds.

Just an update for those of you who were expecting a blog on my master gardening classes. Well I have decided that in this season of my life, I am going to not take the course all at once. I am taking the classes one at a time. For those who want to join me, the classes are sometimes held on Wednesday nights for two hours or sometimes on Saturday for two hours. You get the picture. I loved that Greg knew that this was a wonderful gift to me, but I would rather spent my days in my garden and learn a little at a time, being with my family instead of spending 18 weeks in a classroom(which I am sure would be an amazing classroom, but still). And besides I exchanged the course for a nice little gift card to my favorite nursery and our trusted friend Lowe's. So when I do attend the short classes, I will post. So stay tuned!

Just an update on our girl. She has really started honing her skills on the ever sought after "Raspberry". The girl is getting it down. Just at random times in the days, she breaks out in raspberry! It's contagious and the next thing you know she has brought everyone in the room in on it. I can't imagine how she will work a whole ballpark full of people when she decides it time to do the "Wave". Stay tuned to that as well.

From a momma's perspective, this is going to fast for me. She is getting big fast. I mean she is already in his "Skinny" jeans that just a couple months ago I thought would never ever fit her. She is sleeping through the night for the most part. She is started to express herself more, it's almost like she is singing. You gotta hear it. It's a little baby version of dogs howling. I mean that in the sweetest way of course. When her daddy and I sing from the top of our lungs in the car which we have been known to do, she takes her own part in the melody. She is a very very very fast learner. I mean what do you expect. Another thing that amazes me is when she wakes up, she just talks to her Ladybug or the mobile butterflies. I am sad sometimes that she doesn't just need me so bad that she can't wait another minute, but right now her friends are doing it for her. I thought this was going to happen in her teens......She is just a doll inside and out! What a wonderful gift, a daughter.

Well we gotta start our day.

Love to you all,

From those who are left in Missouri: Carolina, Luke The Dog and Me

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  1. Leigh IwaszkowiecMarch 1, 2009 at 4:20 PM

    What a great picture and what prolific writing! I really enjoyed reading your post and hanging out yesterday with you and Carolina.

    Hope you have a wonderful evening - I know both you and Carolina will be really glad to see Greg.

    Hope to see you soon!