Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Year of The Princess

We are already into a new year with this princess and she's different every day. She rolled over on her own today three times, stomach to back. She's talking (or speaking in tongues) a LOT, and she's sleeping for much more acceptable periods of time at night (in her own bed, no less). She got sick for the first time, a little cold or something. She had the sniffles and was a little subdued, but she didn't really get too cranky about it. I really like the little things that change about her, this just gets better every day.

Christmas was a lot better with Carolina. Everything just seemed a lot sweeter. She got to spend time with Neil and Sarah (my cousins) finally and she was probably held by no less than forty family members. She takes it all in stride, I think she has a "happy place". Santa hooked her up with a lot of great gifts, she HAD been a really good girl last year.

Carolina has been eating a bit of rice cereal every night, and she picked up the spoon feeding thing pretty well. She has not yet learned the proper use of a napkin, however.

She went to see Santa a few weeks before Christmas. She liked him.

With the number or photos we've taken of her, you'd think we'd have more of the three of us. This is at a post-new years party at Kicker's Corner.

What a beauty.

Apparently glow worms are the rage.

I can't get over her big eyes.

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