Monday, November 30, 2009

Pumpkin Pie, Prenatal Vitamins and a Pretty Sweet Life

Hi Everyone,
Thought I better get to this before this gets out of hand.

First and most importantly, Greg and I found out recently that we are gonna have another baby. We are so excited about this. We held our breath for sometime because we were uncertain how to accept such a blessing in our lives. We did not do any procedures. We did not drink any potions or swallow any miracle pills. The good old fashion way if you will. Greg and I just said recently with the miracle of our daughter Carolina, we did not have the audacity to ask God to bless us again, but He did. We are so thankful for this privilege and so thankful that our sweet little girl will have a sibling that she will grow old with.

We are always still praying and hoping for those unable to have a baby or those who anxiously awaiting to hear if they get to have a baby or have another!

We are 13.5 weeks. This pregnancy is going kindof quick. I guess because I am still having trouble believing that I am pregnant (except for the increase in my waistline, that boy happens fast the second time). Dr. Herrmann has been generous and has allowed us to come and see the baby every week. He said he would like to help us wallpaper our home with ultrasounds. The last ultrasound we could see our little one, great heartbeat, it has been ranging from 178 to 150. This ultrasound you could also hear the baby swishing and turning, we even saw a little wave if you can believe that.

I am a little less nauseated this time around. It hits me more often in the evening and especially when I take those gigantic horsepill size prenatal vitamins. The only true craving I can say has overtaken me is The Southwest Chicken Salad from Hardees. You should try it if you haven't. It's on the Red Burrito Menu. It's is a wonderful party for my pallet. I have been known to eat at least five in one week. Yikes!

Who would have known that Greg and I would celebrate our TEN year anniversary with a baby in my belly. It was a wonderful evening. I mean it when I say I would never want to live a day if I had to do it without Greg Vest. He has been the most incredible lifetime traveling companion. I cannot even believe how God has blessed us and after all these years we still love deeper than ever.

To celebrate our anniversary we had our second overnight date without the girl. Greg's parents were very kind to come and stay at our place and we headed down to the city. We stayed at the downtown Hilton and headed to Mango for some Peruvian food. Then after dinner finished up our evening with a giggling walk around the bustliest part of the city. We finished with a night cap at Charlie Giggots. My favorite a cup of restaurant style coffee and a big piece of chocolate cake. The next day we woke up at 8:45. This was the first time I was able to do this since I was about 7 months pregnant with the girl. It was heavenly. We took our time getting up. Then off to enjoy the rest of our day. We went to Soulard for some vegetables. Then to Kicker's Corner for some wings and a burger and topped it off by stopping in at Shottzie's in South County. We got home about 4 p.m. and we were both so glad to see our girl.

This month has been filled with lots of celebrations. I just love November. We hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

This Thanksgiving looked a little different than the last 11 years for Greg and I. THis was the first year that I was unable to play in the annual Thanksgiving Turkey Day Football Extravaganza! Although I wasn't able to make it, of course my man was up and out of here! Jon picked him up at 8:20 and he got home by 11:20. They played hard. For the next three days I would hear a random OOHHHHH, AWWEEE, OUCH! And there was an obvious scar from the gladiator like affair on my love's ankle. It is all very worth it to my man! If Greg were to get pregnant, have to stay home and watch Carolina, it would drive him crazy. CAGED LION is all I can say! But luckily that wasn't the case this year. He also received a few texts from fellow team mates stating how they were unable to tie their shoes without needing help getting back up!I believe that even our pastor John who plays with them found it important to talk about it on Sunday. It is a very Godly thing to play football on Thanksgiving morning. I will be back next year don't worry. I hope Cindy will too unless she keeps making more babies!
We had a wonderful Thanksgiving - we went to 3 different places. Julie's house on Thursday. My mom's on Friday evening and my brother's on Saturday. The weekend finished up with a house warming party for my niece Stacy. She got her first place and we showered her with things that make a house a home. Darling little place and we are so happy for Stacy and Kayla. What a sweet little surprise and it couldn't come at a better time of year! She even got her own Christmas tree. I am certain she spent the rest of the evening putting her lights and ornaments on the tree! Oh how wonderful!

Other things that have been going on with us. Greg is planning another trip to Guatemala. This time the trip will be just a men's team going to serve those in Guatemala City. THe trip is planned for late March 2010. More details to come soon.

Greg and I have been asked to start a new basecamp or Bible study in our church. We are excited about this. We have been meeting with our pastor on Monday nights to get us prepared and ready for such an amazing adventure. Our group is not just going to be studying the Bible. We want to get out into our community and help those in need. Recently, Greg and I met a beautiful couple from North City. They pastor at a missionary baptist church in the city. Greg and I would like to offer them help or those they may know of in need. They also asked Greg and I to be thinking of how we can help them with their ministry serving the families of homicide victims in the city. It would be an a amazing privilege to help them in this capacity. We are looking so forward to seeing how this is going to come to fruition.

As far as me, I am still seeing clients at the practice. Greg and I are still seeing clients together which continues to be such a joy and a challenge in our life. We love it.
Next week I start teaching sociology again. Soo excited! Syllabus is updated! I loved my last class and hope this one goes just as well.

Lastly, my newest weekly goal is to strum on my guitar for five minutes a day. You see my man bought me this beautiful melodic piece a few years ago for my birthday. I picked up learning the cords quickly, but the strumming well let's just say has been more of a struggle for me. I think Luke covers his ears when I pick the guitar up! I want to get better at this. My goal is to play a few Indigo Girl songs like nobody's business.

Our darling: What has she been up to? She is growing and growing. Can't believe it. She is climbing on the furniture. She has got some rythym and breaks into dance at any given moment. She will not keep a barrett in her hair to save her life and she has a new name for us "Daddamomma". I don't think she want to take the time to say both of our names so now she throws them in their together. Just now she came over to me with a picture of Lily Sitarski and said "LuLu". She loves her LuLu. I just love it that both Lily and Carolina have given each other nicknames. Lily was the first to call Carolina "Lina" and it stuck. I am not certain if Lulu will stick, but we definitely know who that is around here!
One of my most proudest moments - This girl keeps her nose in books. She loves books. She reads them to herself, studies them and sometimes says what she thinks they say outloud. But this topped it all. In early November she and I went to the zoo with Cindy and her girls and our friend Michelle and her boys. We took sometime at the Malayan Bear exhibit. There were many reasons why these bears kept us interested. You can let your mind wander some, but don't go too far. So while we were in awe of some of there love and ways of showing affection, Carolina breaks out in her rendition of "Brown Bear, Brown Bear". She said it with the perfect cadence that she and I read it in on most days. She put two and two together. And what topped it off was that other people heard her! They could hear her saying something and purposeful! I mean SPEECHLESS!!! PRICELESS! I will never forget it. She knew she had done something wonderful too and clapped for herself!
Recently the girl has gotten a little lovey with her baby dolls. I took her American Girl Bitty Baby doll out of the box and as we speak she is taking good care of her. It is so interesting to watch the maternal instinct kick in to a young woman. Beautiful to say the least.

This month Carolina gets to meet two of her newest friends. Matt and Vicki are coming home from Guam for a visit. It will be our first time to meet Kyra in person. Can't wait to introduce Carolina to her. Then if that weren't enough, Neil and Sarah are coming to stay with us for the holiday. They are bringing their beautiful Hannah. Carolina has big surprises ahead! Just cannot hardly wait!

Well I guess that gets me caught up on all that has happened and is gonna happen around here for now. This Christmas season Greg and I are gonna try to focus on the the real reason for the Christmas season. We are looking for a family to serve or give to so if you have any ideas, please let us know.

I want to finish with saying Happy Birthday to many people this month: Cindy, Steve, Kathy, Pat and Glenda.

Thanks for hanging in there for this long blog, but I just couldn't let it go another second!

Love to you all and we hope you have a wonderful holiday season.
The Vest Family

Monday, October 5, 2009

Wow, So much has happened since we talked last!

Good afternoon sweet friends,

What a whirlwind this last few months have been for us.

First of all, we are settled in our new home. We like to call it our "Little Row House on the Praire". We live in a row house in New Town and it literally(Jon I know you think literally is overused, but wouldn't you say that literally is appropriate here?) is across from a "Prairie in Progress" Hence the name is fitting wouldn't you say?

We love our simplified life. Our new neighborhood is just lovely. Greg and I have always wanted to live in the city and have our people(church, friends, family) around us at the same time. Now I am not trying to claim that New Town is the "Concrete Jungle", but it is a wonderful garden of what we really wanted most for our family and in our neighborhood. We have walked more in the last month, well, than in our whole life.
Luke loves it here. He gets to walk everyday, play frisbee with his dad just across the way in the park and if he is lucky he gets to take a dive into the lake. He had no idea what was happening when his pack was packing up their things and hauling them off. A little unnerving to say the least.

We liked to think of it as "Retirement". It is a refreshing rest from working on a historic 1881 home in Old Town. Believe it or not I don't miss the old house. Having an old home was always something I always wanted and may go there again sometime, but am thankful for the rest from the constant work of it all. Coming from our sweet victorian to our row house leaves lots of time to be together which was what we wanted most. Greg has to mow, but that literally takes him 3 minutes. We are resting, reading, giggling, cooking, riding our bikes, and spending time with friends. We are so thankful for this time in our life.

As most of you may know, Greg and I met while working together at TGI Friday's. He liked my buttons or my flair if you will? And at time still likes to push my buttons. Right after were were married, we went on to work in Colorado together at a residential treatment center for trouble children. We have always loved working together. Since we left Colorado, it is something that we have longed for and have prayed to get to do again. And as of late, Greg and I have been able to work together. For sometime now, I have set up my private practice at Freedom Counseling seeing clients one night a week. Greg has always been welcome to see clients as well, but it has been slower going for him because he is already working full time elsewhere. We have gotten the privilege and have been seeing a married couple. We love it and them. It took us just a little bit to get our groove, but it appears that we with God's help, have been able to get our swagger on. Greg truly is gifted as a counselor. I do admire his love for clients. He cracks me up like no other. He uses his comedy in his counseling as well. He is not as Dr. Phil as many of you would have guessed. He has not in my presence told a client to just get over it yet. The biggest deal is that we are so thankful to be able to do this together. Greg has 3 other clients. I am up to 8 and just love it. We are just so dang thankful for this in our lives.

But then there is the girl. Lina as she likes to call herself. Waving at strangers and giving them the flirty grin. She is still stealing our hearts and making our belly hurt from giggling so much. She knows she is a crack up! Here are some of her newest accomplishment: climbing stairs with and without permission(naughty), blowing kisses, oh and saying "No" under her breath of course. She knows what a cow, chicken and goat says. While on our walk she starts with these noises. This is for us to know that she wants to go visit the cows, goats, chickens and pigs at the farm here in New Town. She loves to dance. She has some great moves. She is a little lover and will without prompting plant a big one right on the lips. What a Lovey! She at times gets a sweet spell and goes right over to Luke and gives her all her loving!
As we speak she is saying her newest word "Luda luda luda luda" Can't helped but say it myself. She is just delicious.
We had our first visit to the emergency room. Carolina conked her head right on the corner of the chair and the biggest egg came pertruding right out of her head. It was horrific. Jo is my witness. She was our saving grace. We rushed to the hospital just to find that they could tell I was a new mom. I don't think they giggled in the room with us, but maybe as they felt the door shut right on their tush. Yes, I know now that you want a gigantic egg to come out of your child's forehead. It's a good sign (huh?). They just patted me on the back and might have said "there, there". They sent us off with hopes of a black eye in the morning. So that was $150 lesson, but I am thankful I know now. So if that wasn't enough, Greg was taking Luke an Carolina for a walk. Luke saw a rabbit and pulled over the stroller to give the girl another egg on the other side. So at one point in that week, our little doll had horns and dark circles under her eyes. I am not sure we introduced ourselves in the neighborhood that week. Was afraid of an anoynmous call regarding the care that she is receiving. Yikes what a week that was!

Carolina made it through that week and went on and celebrated her first birthday last Saturday. The day before, well I spent it crying. I was having a little bit of a time believing my darling is one year old. I mean when they say it goes quick, they are not joking! With her in this world things are easier to prioritize. She just makes it just a little bit more prettier!
So back to her birthday. She was a doll. She loved her cake. Bite by bite you could see she was enjoying every minute of it. She even offered others a bit with her cake filled hands. She is very generous as you can tell. She did not get too many takers, but she didn't take it too personal. She just kept on eating. She got her first table and chairs. Didn't realize she is a little short for it, but she certainly will grow into it. She also got her first American Girl Doll. Who gets an AGD at age 1? She also received so many other sweet gifts some from out of town even and we cannot thank you all enough for celebrating our girl. If you were able to make it, we missed you. Thank you also for loving us. It is incredible.

Hope you all enjoy this time of year. We love October. Can't believe it has been a year since our girl was born. Wow!

Love you all,
The Vest's

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

An Even Bigger Smile!

I am unable to show a picture because we are in the middle of moving, but today I saw it! I saw what has been making my sweets kindof cranky! It was her little second row of bottom teeth. One is clear through the gum while another one appears to be just underneath the surface! These teeth have been really tough for my girl! She usually isn't cranky, it's been kindof "Girl Interrupted"!

Hope you all are great! Be back soon! Greg and I are moving to New Town this week and next! Love it there so far! Just love it!


Saturday, August 22, 2009


Just had to post the most recent wonderful thing our daughter has done. Well last evening the Vest family spent the evening visiting with New Born, Beautiful, Baby Girl Ella Lynn Sitarski. I love her alot already! Greg has the touch. I call him, and others have as well, the "Baby Whisperer". Her momma is in love with her. Cindy said that Ella has stolen her heart and that Lily is just perfect with her new role as big sister.

Ever since Lily Marie Sitarski knew Carolina she has been informed as to who she is in her life. And it pleased our hearts so when we heard Lily say for the first time "Lina"! We just loved it. She will see pictures of Lina and wonder where she is. She even saw a picture of me before Carolina was here and she asked where Lina was. Just darling.

So this morning Greg, Carolina, Luke and I all started our day with family time. It's the time we have while we decide what is for breakfast and what we will do with our day. It's my most favorite time of the day. We get alot of attention from our girl. Lots of kisses and giggles happen at this time of day. But this morning was different than any other. Something extra special came from Carolina's mouth. What was it you ask? Well it was "Lina"! Glory Hallelujah! We asked her to say it again and she did! What is your name Carolina? "Lina"! OH GLORY TO GOD IN THE HEAVENS!! They weren't kidding when they tell you every single day is something better and wonderful!

I almost can't contain myself and I find it very catartic to share this incredible moment! We feel bad from time to time because she has a list of "TRICKS" that we often put her on the spot to do. She is very picky as to when and who and when and where she performs! This has been added to the very tip top of the list! This is on top of the cherry!
Love to you all,

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sing along with me "So much to say so much to say so much to say"

Our girl on her first real vacation to the mountains.

Belle is not really a dog fan, but she is a Luke fan......It's really kindof sweet the love they have for each other. Luke has a way with the ladies unless he is covered in horse muck.......

Greg and Anthony before one of their day adventures fly fishing!

Is there anyone else besides me that likes V8? Well I kindof cracked up about this.......
Fancy Vegetable Juice - Giggle Giggle!!!!!! Yep it's fancy alright! No bad, not bad!!!!

Well I just decided to sit down and grade some papers so here I am blogging. I saw the importance of blogging over, well my student's paper! Don't tell them or others I said so. Right now I am listening to the sound of my beautiful daughter yell out "Momma"! She does this all day long. It's our little thing I guess. Kindof a role call, but with a little bit more sass to it! Carolina is talking alot: bird, George(curious george is her stuffed animal), ball, book, Duke(Luke)and somethings we are not certain she is saying, but she sure does mean it! Also when she hears our phone she holds her hand up to her ear and say "ALLO"! Then she says "OOOH"! What a crack up! She is watching us!

Our girl has started to walk full time since I blogged last. She is great at it! My momma said that she couldn't catch a hog with those legs. She a little on the bow legged side, but they say that is what comes with an early walker. We'll see. She is steady and can turn around with a little bit more finesse than a truck driver turning from the local Lion's Choice. No one wants to jack knife if you know what I mean? She is also climbing stairs when she gets the opportunity. She looks like the cat who ate the canary when she is spotted! Thank goodness for baby gates! With walking brings a new adventuresome life for me and her daddy oh and don't forget Luke The Dog. He has to be on all 20 of his toes to make sure she doesn't infringe on the little life that he holds dear to him such as his frisbee. The other day Sister had his frisbee. He stood at attention looking and wondering how he is gonna get his paws on that frisbee. She yelled at him "No"! I guess he had enough and he went for it. Leaving her little legs and bottom in the dust! He has to fight for his rights around here these day. The look on his face sometimes says "My goodness can't I have a thing to myself" or "Back in the Day".

In July, Greg and I went for a wonderful short vacation to South Park, Colorado. There is nothing like the mountains and a man in fly fishing gear. I mean I just love wadders and my dimpled face man in them. We had a wonderful time with our friends Anthony, Belle and their family. Luke went with us. His most influential and memorable moment of the trip was when he saw the horses and went right where they eliminate and smeared himself right in it. Yes, could have been a long ride home with such a smell, but Greg was gracious enough to take him in the cool mountain stream and wash him with none other than Johnson and Johnson Bedtime Bath. It's main ingredient is Lavender which if you do not know is soothing. Needless to say, we scared the rainbows and the big brownie fish while getting the "Elimination" off of our dog. He was effected by the shampoo and he slept for a good portion of our day. Just a plug for J&J.....

We just recently sold our house. We are so thankful for this. We are moving to New Town. We call it our Little Row House on the Prairie. You'll see when you come over. Feel free to come on over anytime. We are moving the first of September!

There are just so many wonderful things happening in our life. Like right now, Carolina and Luke are playing in the toilet! Who taught her how to lift the seat? Wow can't a girl blog for a minute. Yep they are still at it! Where is the towel? I mean towels???? EWWW SHE JUST PUT IT IN HER MOUTH!!!!! We hope you all are doing great! Fill us in on your life when you can.

Our cousins Neil and Sarah just had their first little girl - Hannah Claire - WOW SHE IS PRETTY!

Would like to officially ask Ella to come on out and meet us! Cindy is being induced in the morning. Can't wait to see the pretty little thing. August 20th will never be the same!

Love to you all,

Friday, July 10, 2009

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Kimmy come back here and look at this......

Me and my girl

Mad as a HORNET!

Parents as Teachers would be proud. She loves it! It's like her own space ship or tent....

Carolina's Uncle Gene

Look at those linen pants! Delicious!

Doll Baby! Yes, her shoes are gold!!! Thanks Janie and Jack!

If you haven't tried these, go right now.....YUMMY! We bought two boxes!

Blueberries! She loved them.

So as many of you know Greg and I are Mexican food addicts. We are not in treatment or care to join a group except a group that meets at mexican restaurants for bowls and bowls of chips and salsa. But let me tell you what makes us a little different than other mexican food lovers. Sunday we just left our friends and decided we couldn't wait to eat until we got home and we must stop. Our friend Jo lives about 4 miles from us so you can see why we thought we wouldn't make it home without a stop at the local watering hole El Agave. We hadn't been there since Saturday, the night before, which was another reason why we knew we must go. We have friends at El Agave. They like our daughter. They bring us all the chips and salsa we need and sometimes Greg gets a bowl and I get a bowl. Now that is service. So back to the point! So anyways after leaving New Town, we rushed to El Agave. Greg parked and went to the back of the car to get the girl. When he noticed some mashed carrots.......Mashed carrots is something we do not just keep around in the back of the car for those of you wondering. The "mashed carrots" were everywhere including our pretty little girl's mouth. Greg said "Kimmy come back here and look at this." We investigated more and found out that the mashed carrots were coming from her little bitty diaper filled with other sorts of mashed mashy mushy smelly yucky things that were now all over her, her three little teeth and now all over us.....So what would any mexican addict do you ask? Cleaned their daughter up as much as possible and take her on in and order our favorite - fajita for one(split it). Didn't miss a beat! No real reason to. Yes, we both took our turn washing our hands in the restaurant which is quite nice in case you were wondering......

So if that is not gross enough, read on. Closest call ever in all of my motherhood....Luke had a tick on him that popped off because , well because I guess it was full as a tick. Well it popped off right on the kitchen floor. DISGUSTING! YOU COULD BARELY SEE THE LEGS, BUT THEY WERE MOVING! UGGGGHH. and before I knew it, the girl had it in her hands going for her mouth.... I DOVE TO THE SCENE! EMBRACING THE BLUCCKKY THING IN MY HAND AND RUNNING FOR THE TOILET TO END IT'S LIFE IMMEDIATELY! OH MY WORD! That was the closest call! Don't judge! How was I to know? It happened so fast! Words can't describe the horror! The what if'! Sometimes you have to kill a life to save a life!
Take a breathe. I realize this is a riveting blog entry. Take your time. Wait......Ok.... Move on.
But on a softer and sweeter side. The other night, I don't even know if I can even do this story justice, but here goes. The other night we went to New Town for a reggae fest. Really fun, great time, great company. We went with our neighb's Ed and Leah. While we were there we took a long long walk around the place. Wonderful place. So the girl was in her stroller, not strapped in, but content. She dozed off to sleep, but before settling in, she turned herself right over on her belly and snuggled in like she does in her own bed! COULD NOT BELIEVE IT! WHAT A DARLING! COULD NOT BELIEVE AND STILL CANNOT! I mean she went off to sleep! She turned herself over and went off to sleep. I know you had to be there to get the best picture, but it was wonderful!

Carolina has 3.5 teeth. The top teeth were brutal for her. She wasn't herself for sure!
She is doing well. She is taking naps everyday and sleeping through the night. She has got "Bye Bye" down well. She is still saying "Dadda"! She is a great little lover. She gives kisses to almost anyone which we have to be careful with. She just feels the love and goes for it! Oh the love of a babe! She talks alot. I know she knows what she means because she just keeps on saying it! I am not sure how to spell all the things she says or I would share specifics, but just trust me on this one. She is truly a speaker of truth and wisdom. I can tell....

Also wanted to share that I will begin teaching at University of Phoenix in July. I am pretty stoked about it. Teaching Sociology. I always wanted to teach college level and am so thankful for this opportunity.
This summer we are anxiously awaiting many new babies. Greg's sister Julie is having a baby girl - Lexi. Our cousin Sarah is having a baby girl - name to be announced. Cindy is having her baby girl - Ella. Looking forward to meeting these sweet little girls. And just tomorrow, a new baby Shaw will be entering in to the world. Our friends Jeff and Gayle are having their second boy tomorrow. Can't wait!
Hope you all are having a great summer and thanks for catching up with us.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I have to share this right away.......

She is learning to use a spoon.
Her first day in the pool and in her bikini!

This was the shirt her daddy wore on the day she was born.
But I have to share what just happend. It is blog worthy!

So just a few seconds ago Greg and I saw one of the sweetest things I think all four of our eyes have ever ever seen.

We just went upstairs to start our nightly rituals. Lady bug turned on - Check. Mix tape/cd singing - Check. Aquarium and swimming fish lighting up the room - Check. Praying for our girl - Check. Sneak back over to the bed for one last peek. Hoping to get our eyes filled with all her beauty so that it will keep us full until we get to see her in the morning. So when we did what we saw was our girl lying on her belly, hind end sticking straight up, and our girl reaching out with her hand to get her baby doll. She pulled the baby close and went off to sleep holding her baby close in her arm.

Goodness Gracious - All I can ask her is "CAN I HAVE MY HEART BACK?" GEEZ LOUIS! We stood with our mouths wide open watching our baby show affection to another without anyone watching. Good Glory!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Oh My Word Should Really Be Oh Our World.....

Mother's Day

She takes naps in her own bed now.

At my mom's house the day before Easter.

This is the smile I talk about below. This was Easter Morning.

Mother's Day with my two favorite loves.

Her pulling up.

Oh Our World...............................................

That's exactly what has changed since we blogged last. Oh our world has changed so much in the last six weeks. Not only has our babycakes turned 8 months old, she has accomplished many many things. She is doing terrific. The little lady has two teeth on the bottom now. What a darling sight! We believe that her top teeth are coming any second too. Can't wait to see what her little grin will look like then.

Easter morning was so sweet. We put Carolina next to her Easter Basket and you would have thought she knew she just received a gift. Her smile as you can see was genuine and filled with laughter. She just loved her little basket. Greg and I were so surprised how lovely she was about her basket. That just made the rest of the day even more lovely. She has that effect on things especially her parents.

Is that background music I hear. You would think this girl's life has some background music going because she is becoming the Dancing queen. Carolina has got herself a little bit of rythym. It's hilarious. She will just break out in dance at anytime. She loves music. She cracks us up.

This month we also had the tremendous privilege of dedicating her. Greg and I have waited, well, our whole marriage to dedicate our child back to God. So in April, Greg and I dressed up and got our girl in the car. Drove to church and cried the whole way there. We were overwhelmed with the privilege and love that we have to be the parents of this strong little miracle. We had such a great day. After the service, our backyard filled up with friends and family. Those who have wept, prayed, believed and celebrate now our gift from our Lord. I have to say that on that day, I knew what Hannah felt like. She is a woman in the Bible whom I have felt many similar emotions. First when she begged God to give her a child and secondly when she promised the Lord she would give him back. So this day was special. Just special and powerful. I know that our God was with us. Our celebration was a blast. Our last guest left at 10 p.m. Lots and lots of hamburgers and laughter. Can't thank everyone enough for coming and witnessing our devotion to our God and rearing our child to know him.

Another wonderful celebration is Mother's Day. I had no idea how much I would love Mother's Day. It's is way way better than my birthday. Who cares about your birthday when you get to be a momma. For all of you waiting to be a momma, I can't wait to celebrate with you too! Greg and Carolina took me to Soulard for veggies and fruit. Then off to the Hill for a hot salami sandwich. Then we spent the afternoon at the Zoo. The day was topped off with a delicious meal cooked especially by my love. AHHHHH what a nice day that was. I loved every minute of it.

Speaking of laughter, we have a giggly girl. What that does to our hearts. We try almost anything to get her to laugh. We are unplugged around here to hear that joyous noise. Her giggle makes us giggle. And she thinks she is funny. Seriously. She kindof cracks herself up. I think she tells herself jokes in her new little language(DADAADAAAAKEEEEEDAAAADAAA, sounds kindof like that) that only she knows and just breaks out in giggles. And yes, she says Dadda. However, she no longer says momma unless I am not in the room. She says it to other people. Greg is her dadda and she loves him to pieces. When he goes to work in the morning, she waves, yes I said waves, and says "Dadda" and waves. Likes she knows Dadda gone bye bye.

Her biggest accomplishment of the last six weeks - Started the weekend of her dedication in April. Just one day Greg and I were sitting there and she army crawled over to the table and pulled herself clear up and looked around like she was BIG! She was BIG! I THOUGHT I BROUGHT HOME A BABY! NOW LISTEN I AM THINKING OF PUTTING A BRICK IN HER PANTS! ANY OTHER IDEAS? I said army crawl before because now she is crawling like she has been doing this for years. Now we know she hasn't because she hasn't been on earth for a year, but you would think by the way she moves she is an Olympian crawler. The girl has become unstoppable. We are childproofed until we realize that we aren't childproof. We have pillows blocking every cord or any possible tantilizing naughty thing she can chew, pull, grab which can lead to something possibly crashing down on her perfect little pretty little noggin......I THOUGHT SHE WAS A BABY! NOW SHE IS BIG!!! No more just sitting and admiring our little love while she lays quietly on the designated area we have allowed her to lay. SHE RULES THE PLACE!!!!!!

We couldn't be more happy about this little life in our home. Making noise, eating dog hair, giving Luke her food,getting in Luke's bowl spilling things, smelling things up (good and bad), giggling and filling us with love. What a girl! What a girl!

We hope all of you are having a wonderful summer! Thanks for reading about our baby and our life. We love you.

G, K, C and Luke the dog