Sunday, November 30, 2008

Our Favorite Holiday Ever

Carolina was watching us play football...not really.

The REAL reason for Thanksgiving, our annual football game.

Our little family.

As this holiday season is under way, we realize this one is already more fun than any other. It means something different when we think of Carolina and what it will mean to her as she grows up. I wasn't cranky at all about dragging up all of the Christmas boxes from the basement, usually it's a pain. She was in a great mood as we put up our tree, she was smiling a lot. I was tempted to find a way to stick her at the top of the tree, but we settled for the star.
Thanksgiving was a whirlwind. Three full family meals in three days. Enough with the turkey. Carolina finally got to the place where her eyes just glazed over from all of the commotion, she was a trooper, though. She got a lot of love and a lot of attention, she might be spoiled.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

We haven't posted much recently, I guess it's because we're sort of growing accustomed to the fact that she is going to amaze us everyday and all of you might not be quite as amused as we are. So humor us every so often and let us post pics and talk about Carolina and share the little things that make this parenthood so incredible.

She is pretty much smiling every day, sometimes almost on cue. There have been two or three times when she looked at me, recognized me and smiled. There is nothing better. She also recognizes Luke the Dog now, and she really likes him. She has been a champ about the colder weather, never a whimper about it. Maybe it's because she was frozen for eighteen months. Her hair is thinning a lot in the front and on top (shout out to Uncle Matt) and it seems to be getting lighter. She hasn't been weighed in a while but we're guessing 8 pounds-ish. She is a great baby, she rarely gets fussy and cries when she's really tired or hungry. This is the best thing we've ever done.

Uncle Gene gets sucked into the vortex that occurs whenever she falls asleep on your chest. You could take Mountain Dew intravenously and it wouldn't matter, you'd get sleepy.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

5 weeks already?

We just like this picture!

She is starting to smile more, we're not sure if it's on purpose or not.

She accidentally found her fingers one day...she hasn't since.