Sunday, September 28, 2008

This is nothing

When you have every manner of medical professional checking in on you every seven minutes, newborns are easy. I suppose that first day home can be a bit daunting. We are relishing in a lot of the small things. My new favorite thing in life is to see her yawn. I want to cry like a little girl every time. She just burped like a trucker and we thought it was the greatest thing. We're proud of her for pooping. When she wails, there is nothing annoying about it. I know it's all a great honeymoon period, and we don't want to miss it at all. I think the fact that we waited and prayed for her for so long makes us a little less annoyed at her. Again, we're just two days in but I completely dread going to work next week because I don't want to miss anything.
The hospital experience has been great, our greatest admiration for the folks at St. John's Mercy. Great people from day one. The only tough thing about all of the medical opinions is all of the medical opinions. Every nurse, doctor, resident, personal care assistant, housekeeper and room service attendant has a different opinion about breastfeeding, sending your baby to the nursery for the night, pacifiers, bottles, sleeping arrangements and choice of college. We're pretty laid back I guess, but Kim wants to nurse and there are a LOT of opinions about that. It can be a tad smothering. I guess you figure out what is best for your baby and do it. I know some folks feel differently, but the scheduled C-section is the way to do it. I was whipped after a twenty minute procedure, I can't imagine doing the 20 hour labor thing, let alone what it does to a woman. Women are the tough ones for sure.
Finding out we were pregnant and having a girl were amazing moments. Doing this whole pregancy thing with my good friend Brandon has been the icing on the cake. God makes amazing things really amazing sometimes so we remember that He likes to see us smile. This is him with my daughter.
This is my daughter with Brandon's daughter Kaelyn. They are less than 8 weeks apart.

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  1. Oh - at home with the new born and a first born! There is no experience in the world that can compare!! My advise on everyone else giving you advise is to listen, nod your head, say thank you very much and than follow you heart and do what works for the three of you. CONGRATULATIONS! I am eager to meet her.