Friday, September 26, 2008

Kim Jr.

I am pretty overcome by the events of the day. All in all, everything was as easy as it gets. Dr. Herrmann, our hero and Doctor of the year, was a bit late in arriving because he had to deliver another baby at St. Luke's. Our 12:00 C-section started to roll about 1:15, Kim was in the OR at 1:35 and I was holding Carolina at 1:55 p.m. CST. That was a long-a## twenty minutes. I cried a bit (or a lot depending on your definition) and pretty much saturated the surgical mask which makes for some pretty humid breathing ( I see what Rach means about burping in your mask). She weighed 7lbs 4oz and has GREAT lungs...opera singer lungs. I'm a Dad, I really love this little girl and I love Kim more, too. It really is instantaneous the unconditional love part, I don't know quite how it happens. Kim is feeding her and both are figuring each other out, I think they're ahead of the curve for eight hours old. Here are some highlights from our greatest day yet.

Kim had just gotten to the hospital. A month ago, Carolina was head down and ready to roll. Last week she had flipped to breach which isn't too common, hence the scheduled C-section. Today, right before the procedure, they did an ultra-sound and she was flipped again head down. We did the procedure anyway, no way we were going home empty-handed at this point. This little girl is trouble.

Kim is now under the influence. Can you tell in the squinty eyes and the crooked smile? If you've ever seen her with a bottle of wine...

Apparently Carolina is not all that happy about the frigid air and the poking and prodding. She looked pretty rough at this point, but I was smitten.

Our first family photo. I'm overhwhelmed with joy and pride, Kim is high. She looks just like her mom.

I have always had this dream of seeing Kim and her momma with our baby. This was one of the most memorable moments of my life.

This is my new favorite picture in existence.


  1. There is nothing better in this life than to see your children become parents.
    I am so blessed!
    It is obvious to me that God has completely answered our prayers with the safe arrival of Carolina into the loving arms of Greg and Kim.
    To instantly understand what unconditional love means is such a gift.
    We love you all,

  2. congratulations both sets of i's in memphisSeptember 27, 2008 at 10:01 AM

    heisman photo is tremendous. almost spit up my coffee.
    good job with the post, and with the kid

  3. Greg, Kim & Carolina:
    What a winning combination!! Just goes to show what perseverance is all about.

    Jay and I are really happy for you all and can't wait to roll around the living room (inside story) with Carolina in a few years.

    Happy Birthday Carolina !!!

    Craig Thuneman

  4. Congratulations! I'm glad everything went smoothly for you guys, and excited to see more pictures. Oh yeah, and people + anesthesia = GREAT.

  5. yeah, ive seen that face on kim many a time. wont be the last im sure.

    so awesome and so happy for you guys. youre clearly smitten which has now rubbed off on us. so thank you. see you for real in a few weeks.

    matt and vic

  6. Oh my goodness Carolina is so beautiful. Seeing you two finally become parents brings tears to my eyes. Seeing you in the hospital looking at Carolina with the biggest smiles on your faces reminds me how good God is! Congrats! ---Nicole

  7. "Meus Parabens para voces" and I so happy for y'all...

    Kim, will you play football this Thanksgiving? doubt it...:-)

    God bless y'all