Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Home Again For The First Time

We were booted from the hospital today around 9:30 a.m. Our insurance company didn't want to pay for ONE more Tylenol. We were actually pretty ready to leave. It's nice to have all the doctors and nurses there to help, but it gets to be a lot. We're just going to have to figure it out here at home.

Carolina has been a peach all day; sleep, change, eat, burp, repeat. She did get me with the obligatory you-just-changed-my-poopy-diaper-so-now-I'm-going-to-blow-this-one-out poop.

Luke the dog has been really great with his new baby sister. He has been calm and gentle, he licks and sniffs her and even seems to be getting even more protective of his property. If you sneezed in our front yard he'd be on you. We're curious to see if he starts sleeping in her room instead of ours.

A lot has changed in four days. It is feeling like fall in St. Louis, today is quite beautiful. The news is pretty gloomy, it seems the economic sky is falling. Baseball season is over (for the Cardinals, anyway). We have a kid. That little detail seems to make all the others pretty insignificant right now.
Even with all of the advise we've been given (solicited and not), there are a few things we didn't consider. (1) We're going to use FAR more laundry detergent. In three hours I'd worn three shirts, used two burp cloths, soiled one big blanket and I should change my shorts, but what's wrong with a little milk vomit? It's a good thing Kim and Carolina are pretty much going naked these days...I don't think I could keep up with the laundry. (2) They say a baby eats every two hours, so it seems like you should be able to sleep for ALMOST two hours in between, right? Bull. It seems like they eat every 18 minutes. You have to start the time when they START eating, so if they eat for thirty-forty minutes, get burped and changed and settled back to sleep, you have very little time before they start all over. Just enough time for US to eat or go to the bathroom, forget cleaning or laundry. (How do single moms do it?) (3) I will now be able to tell new dads by the way they drive. As we're heading home and I'm driving with an infant in a car seat for the first time, I suddenly became an 84 year-old driver. I was hacked off at all the drivers "flying" by (going 65), I used my blinker seven miles before each turn and I was perfectly content to go 54 in the far right lane. I hope this road paranoia subsides or we are going to be REALLY late getting places.
I cannot believe this will go on forever, literally. Barring freakish twists of fate, I will feel like this about another girl besides Kim for the rest of my life. There are few things in life that are this good that you know you get to keep.


  1. Hi neighbors! We are glad you are back home! By the way,....I ran a 50 yard dash past your house earlier. Lets just say,...Leah 2 points, Luke 0.

  2. great pictures - so precious. Hopefully soon I will be able to meet her.